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Fine antique Sterling Silver, Silver Plate, Bronze, Iron, White Metal, Copper and Gold objects from The Drawing Room Collection.

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# 5485. An American Aesthetic Movement wall clock - Japanese influenced design. Size: 10" x 12.5". Silver and gold plate on brass. A similar theme clock was exhibited in "The Japan Idea" at the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford in 1990. The dial on the above clock is identical to the one exhibited in Hartford. Attributed to Reed and Barton - Taunton Massachusetts. The movement appears to be original and operates. $3,850.00

# 5409. A set of 4 fire gilt bronze curtain tie backs. Late 19th century. High quality. Size: 10.25" tall - 6.5" deep and 3.5" wide at the widest. Each depicts a male face with mustache and beard. Condition: one of the tie backs have had the back interior bracket replaced and attached with screws on either side of the bracket. These brackets represent among the best available at the time and could have been used in Newport Cottages such as The Elms, Marble House, Rosecliff or The Breakers. Price for the 4 is $4,500.00.

# 4380. A pair or wrought iron and nickel plated andirons. American Renaissance Style; late 19th early 20th century. Size: 30 5/8" tall; 21.5" deep and each is 15" wide at the footed base. Consistent with the designs of Oscar Bach. There is a documented console table with the identical figure of this pan as part of the decorative frieze. "Oscar Bach a metallurgist died at the age of 72. Creator of Plaques on R.C.A. Building Has Ornamented Bible Given to Leo XIII Oscar Bruno Bach, metallurgist and designer, whose work adorns the exteriors and interiors of many buildings in New York and other cities. Mr. Bach, who was known for metal sculpture in the Rockefeller Center area, maintained a studio in La Maison Francaise, 610 Fifth Avenue. His residence was at 962 Fifth Avenue. Beside huge plaques on the RCA Building, Mr. Bach's designs are on the Empire State Building, The Airlines Building, 80 East Forty-second Street, the Bank of the Manhattan Company (now Chase Manhattan) at 40 Wall Street and the New York Trust Company Building at 100 Broadway. Did Work for Ships His earlier work included metal designs for the United States Lines ships Washington and Manhattan. His interior designs are to be found in Riverside Church, Yale University, The Toledo (Ohio) Museum of Art and other museums. Mr. Bach's metal-designing also has a practical turn, which was developed through his association with Remington-Rand, Inc.; Manning, Bowman & Co.; the Edward Budd Manufacturing Company, Oneida, Ltd. the Baldwin Locomotive Works, the American Radiator Company and the Tappan Stove Company. He maintained his own laboratory and also was president of the Oscar B. Bach Studios, Inc. Born in Breslau, Germany, Mr. Bach studied at the Catholic Higher Gymnasium there from 1890 to 1898. He continued his studies at the Imperial Academy of Art in Berlin until 1902. At the age of 20 he began his career as a designer of metallic architecture and sculpture in Berlin, mostly for the German, British and Italian Governments. Designed Bible for Pope One of his early commissions was to design an ornamental Bible for the British Government, for presentation to Pope Leo XIII. It has become one of the treasures of the Vatican Museum, with its metal binding encrusted with jewels and precious stones. Mr. Bach came to the United States in 1913 and became a citizen thirteen years later. One of the outstanding sculptures is the eleven foot bronze statue "The Spirit of Democracy" designed in 1939. It is on the seventh floor terrace of the building in which Mr. Bach's studio is located. Mr. Bach received the gold medal for native industrial design and craftsmanship from the Architectural League of New York." Not marked (that we know of). From a family who had a home in Newport Rhode Island and Block Island. Condition: One screw is missing that holds one of the pan figures in place; no losses; age use consistent with fire place equipment of this era. Well formed paw feet support a twisted iron shaft terminating with a silhouette of opposite figures of pan running and playing a horn. The pan figure has hairy legs and cloven hoofs and appears to be nickel plated; the ring behind each figure is painted white (possibly original paint). We do not have the resting bar that would have been held in place by the decorative iron lip below the twisted iron shaft. The various elements are screwed together: the paw feet element; the bar bracket; the rings and pan, etc. Price $4,950.00.

# 5102. A pair of American Brass Andirons - in the Modern Gothic Style. Circa 1869-79. Size: 23" tall and 20" deep. The iron shanks may have been replaced. The standards are made of cast brass with incised decorations. No structural flaws; polished over the years. A very uncommon era of production for this form. Price: $1,650.00.

# 5040. A pair of Grand Tour Scottish Candlesticks. Brass with inset agate studs. Size: 9" tall. The finish has been polished over the years. Age: 1870-80. Price: $750.00 the pair.

# 5121. A Victorian Silver Plate Covered Soup Tureen. Circa 1885. From the firm of Wilcox: form # 2110-A4. Size: (foot to foot: 7.5" x 11" and 11" tall with the width handle to handle 14". Condition: The lid handle is a reclining deer and the left antler is broken off and missing; the lid sits a little up on one corner where there is a hole for the soup ladle. The style would be Renaissance Revival: winged dragons support each corner; the handles are lady caryatids and the lid handle is a sitting buck or deer. Renaissance style chasing contrasts against the mat body surface. Polished plates on either side were meant for monograms which were never applied. The silver surface appears to be original. The hall mark states quadruple plate. The interior is bright and usable. A rare form from the grandest era of American Silver Plate. Price $950.00.

# 5199. An American Cast Iron Dressing Table Mirror. Circa 1885-90. Unmarked / probably made in Connecticut. Size: base-7.75" x 12.5"; Mirror: 9.75" x 14"; overall height is 15.25". An identical mirror is pictured on page 74 (No.58) of "A Brass Menagerie" Metalwork of the Aesthetic Movement written by Anna Tobin D'Ambrosio for an exhibition at the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute. The one in the catalogue is a brass shaving stand. The one we picture is cast iron and was used on a table. Condition: original paint, velvet, glass; missing one of the fancy knobs (on the right side) replace with an old screw and two of the back feet have been replaced. No breaks, cracks or other losses. This design reflects Moorish Revival and Aesthetic/Eastlake decorative elements. Price: $385.00.

# 4843. A Japanesque / Aesthetic American Revival tea service. c. 1870's. Consisting of a large water urn (brass spout with ivory handles) which is 17" tall; two lidded pots one 11.5" tall and one 10.5" tall; a creamer, covered sugar, waste bowl PLUS an extra lidded pot 11.5" tall. There are 8 pieces in all. Marker: form number 960 - Taunton Silver Plate Co. Quadruple Plate. The extra lidded pot is marked the same with the exception it is Triple Plate. There is no tray. Condition: the set with the exception of the extra lidded pot has been re-silvered and the urn has a burner replaced and does not exactly fit into the open burner/font slot. The extra lidded pot has the original worn plate and the design is different on the single pot. The decorations on the service include fans, birds, flowers and three dimensional Japanese characters. The figures on the water urn are almost 5" tall and depict a geisha wearing a kimono holding a fan. This set could have easily been in the exhibition "The Japan Idea Art and Life in Victorian America" hosted by the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford Connecticut a number of years ago. The catalogue was edited by William Hosley. Price for the service is: $2,950.00.

# 5193. A Bronze Obelisk. Marked and made by Tiffany & Company. Copyright 1881 by Henry H. Gorringe and transcribed with information about the four crabs supports. This is a copy of "Cleopatra's Needle" which was moved to New York City. The obelisk stands behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The move and installation of the obelisk was paid for by William H. Vanderbilt. It was erected in New York January 22, 1881. This model was made in a limited edition to be given to individuals who were involved in the removal and installation of the obelisk from Egypt to New York. Size: 15.15" tall with a 3.25" square base. Condition: two base corners are slightly dented, probably caused by the obelisk being dropped; the information plate on the underside has become 'loose' and can be removed. The obelisk stands firmly on a table without wobbeling. The patina may or may not be original: we suspect that from time to time, this example was polished. This obelisk has been sold.

# 4959. A small bronze figure of a strange creature: lion, bird? Size: app. 6.5" long. Not signed. Similar to modeling by artist such as Rembrandt Bugatti. Inquiries

# 4626. A bronze statue of a Classical Male. Artist: Louis Rochet. 19th century. Size: 17.5" tall. Base footprint: 5.25" x 7.25". Condition: the horns are bent and the surface has been patinated a long time ago with what appears to be gold paint. Inscribed: "To Professor Harry Burnes Hutchins Retiring Associate Dean as a token of love and respect from the members of the Cornell University School of Law 1894-95." Information about this fine French Sculptor is as follows: b Paris, 24 Aug 1813; d Paris, 21 Jan 1878). French sculptor and anthropologist. Rochet studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris under Pierre-Jean David d’Angers, but withdrew from the Prix de Rome competition to pursue Oriental languages (especially Chinese) and natural history, at the same time providing models for commercial sculpture. He returned to monumental sculpture in 1838 and followed the example of David d’Angers in sculpting commemorative statues for the provinces, such as Marshal Drouet d’Erlon (bronze, 1844–9; Reims, Place de la Couture). Rochet distinguished himself in the costumed pageantry of figures from earlier French history, such as the equestrian William the Conqueror (bronze, 1846–51; Falaise, Hôtel de Ville), the Marquise de Sevigné (bronze, 1857; Grignan) or Charlemagne Accompanied by Roland and Olivier (bronze, 1853–67; erected 1878, Paris, Place du Parvis Notre Dame). The most popular of these historical re-creations was Napoleon Bonaparte as a Student at Brienne (plaster, exh. Salon, 1853; marble, exh. Exposition Universelle, 1855; bronze, 1855, erected 1859; Brienne, Hôtel de Ville). The bronze monument to Don Pedro I of Brazil (1855–62; Rio de Janeiro) involved Rochet in anthropological and zoological research, as its granite base was enriched by sculptures of groups of natives and local fauna, symbolizing South American rivers. A historicizing approach to style, first used by Rochet in his colossal bronze Notre Dame de Myans, erected near Chambéry in 1855, re-emerged in a later series of Classical subjects, initiated by the ‘Archaic’ Minerva (plaster, gilded bronze and silver plated, exh. Salon 1864). Signature inscribed on the plateau base. Price: $3,500.00.

# 3502. A bronze figure of Pan playing his pipes sitting on a decorative urn. Size: 10.5" tall. On a footed antique verde marble base. Exceptionally well detailed. Aged patina. Age: probably late 19th century and possibly earlier. Also possibly a model for a larger garden item. Allard of Paris decorated many of the Newport Rhode Island Cottages and this statue could have been a model for a very large garden statue. We purchased this from a Newport Rhode Island Estate Auction about 15 years ago. Condition: small discoloration on the bronze base at the foot of the urn. There are no foundry marks or signatures on this bronze of a young nude boy pan. Probably European: French; German; Austrian, etc. Price: $2,500.00.

# 3025. A solid bronze figure of a night in armor, unmarked, holding a staff and flag. Excellent detail and high quality. 23 1/4' tall. Probably late 19th century. This bronze weighs 17 lbs. Price: $3,650.00.

# 4466. A Napoleon III Gothic Table Gallery {Frame}. Ormoulu Bronze with inset Champlevé decor; silver metal Sphinx. The Sphinx as depicted here is a monster of Greek mythology, with the head of a woman and the body of a lioness that proposed riddles to travellers and strangled those who could not solve them. Three Sphinx guard the footed base of this Table Gallery. Probably French, c. 1850-60. Size: 6.5" across and 7" tall. Opening {16" across} to reveal eight frames, each 2.25" x 3.25" in size. Condition: wear to the gilt surface consistent with use and age. Minor enamel loss. The finest quality workmanship. Unsigned except for various scribed numbers. Price: $6,500.00.

# 3407. A fine and rare stuffing spoon. Sterling Silver (marked "Sterling"). Marked also "J.E. Caldwell & Co.". Size: 13.25" long. Gold wash bowl. Exceptionally finely and deep cut chasing to the entire handle section. Monogramed on the back side. Resting knob attached to the back of the spoon. Condition: minor scuffing consistent with use and age. The Gold wash which is a mat gold wash is in good condition. Age: probably around the American Civil War though this design does reflect Aesthetic silver styles of the third quarter of the 19th century. Price: $950.00.

# 3774. A gilt silver single candlestick set with semi-precious jewels and rock crystals. Hallmark for Vienna Austria. Age: probably mid to late 19th century. The rock crystals are possibly earlier. Someone thought enough of the 'antique' rock crystals to have them set into this candlestick. This workman ship is quite extraordinary. It is hallmarked: Hard to make out, but it appears to be the head of a lady facing right. Size: app. 5" tall. Condition: very good. None of the stones are missing. The pale red stones are probably garnets. There are 12 garnets, 12 smaller rock crystals and 8 larger rock crystals. The larger rock crystals have holes drilled in the smaller side and we assume that they were some time before this item was made used in another lighting device. Very finely detailed and the workmanship is top notch! Price: $2,750.00.

Item # 4060. A fine and rare plated American basket, Victorian/Aesthetic era. Late 1880's. Marked Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. Worn, original plated finish. The feet are wood branches that surround the base and are dogwood branches with flowers. Two horse flys add to the decor. Size: 8" x 10.5" wide x 8.5" tall. No losses to the metal work. Price: $700.00.

Item number 4231 is a cast iron umbrella hall stand. English with reg. marks. Probably sand blasted in the last decade. Original brass support rod. Probably the original color was black. In the style of Dr. Christopher Dresser. Size: 19" tall x 8½" deep and 27½" tall. Price: $1,250.00.

# 2222. Pictured is a fine gilt and patinated bronze clock. C. 1875-85. A Triton sits atop a ball. The case is probably Vienna; the works is German (Lenzkirch clock manufacturer located in the Rhineland). Superb casting. Original finish and movement. 14½" tall. Price: $7,250.00.

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