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#4584. A pottery figural clock depicting Prometheus, from the firm of Goldscheider - Vienna Austria. Circa 1905. Size: 9" deep x 12.5" wide and 23.5" tall. Prometheus waits while The eagle perches above about to dine on his liver! Condition: the clock (Lenskirk-Germany) is not working. A simple movement that does not chime. Original hands. Very minor nicks to the pottery; rubbing to the toes of Prometheus. Not sure if the decorative (original) bulb is still working. Price: $2,500.00.

#5947. A French Sevres porcelain and ormoulu clock. Clock face marked "Balthazar a Paris" Medal stamp on clock works: "AD.Mougin Deux Medalles" Size: 15.5" wide x 5.5" deep and 19" tall. The Sevres mark for 1770 (R) over glaze blue. Louis XVI period. 3 old repairs-bocage losses-back ormoulu panel missing. The clock runs occasionally but runs fast. . . . don't know how to slow it down. Price: $3,850.00.

#5713. A porcelain and ormoulu clock. Circa late 19th century. Size: 15.5" tall x 5.25" deep and 8" wide. Condition: runs occasionally, many small round red and blue dots are missing. Price: $3,850.00.

#6072. A clock-thermometer-barometer combination. Marked on the clock works "Tiffany & Co." Numbers on clock works are "4135" "910" and a oval with the letters "A.1". Size: 24" tall and 7.25" wide at the widest. Made in France and is so marked with a medal award. Condition: the heavy case (25+ lbs) is bronze with traces of ormulu which is fairly gone. The case should be re-gold plated. The thermometer and barometer do not work. The clock and barometer cover is original beveled glass. The thermometer "door" opens so one can start and start the pendulum. There was a decorative knob to the thermometer door: it is missing. Was purchased from a Newport Rhode Island auction around 1970. The clock runs and keeps pretty good time. Chimes on the hour and half hour. Price: $4.950.00.

# 5701. An English wall clock with a tall case clock movement. Signed on the face: "Stephen Asselin / London". Asselin is noted in "Britain's Old Clocks and Watches and Their Makers" As: "Early bell top clock inscribed Stephen Asselin c. 1695; bracket clock 1700" This clock is 50" tall and 19" wide; the face is 11.75" across and 16" tall. The clock strikes the hour and 5 minutes after the hour and the half hour and is in operating condition. This is a most unusual clock. The works are period and we believe that the case is also period with original paint. Price: $6,500.00.

# 5297. A French Gothic Mantle Clock. Bronze: Mercury Gilt and dark bronze patina. Size: 5" x 10" x 21.25". Chimes (striking a bell) on the hour and half hour. In operating condition. Price $6,500.00.

# 4840. A Three piece Clock Garniture. Soft Paste Pottery. From the workshop of Jean Pointu working at Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye . Size of the clock is: 19" tall x 13" wide and 7" deep. Each of the two vases at 13" tall x 9" wide and 6" deep. Condition: multiple edge flakes to the very three dimensional applied flowers and leaves. Mark with a factory incised mark. The clock itself strikes on the hour and half hour and is in operating condition. Circa 1880's. The price for the three piece set is: $3,950.00.

# 3449. Pictured is an early 19th century {c. 1825} Viennese 'Eagle' clock. Three train silk escapement movement. In Vienna these are called "Adleruhr". This clock chimes every 15 minutes and must be wound every day {30 Hour movement}. Size: app. 27" x 27". Replaced pendulum. Carved wood. Original surface: very worn. Original enamel dial with chips and damage to the dial. In working condition. This is the standard clock that graced better homes in Vienna during the Biedermeier Era. An elegant and beautiful time piece. As with all of our items displayed on the internet, detailed photos are available. Price: $15,000.00.

# 5709. A Viennese Gilded Silver and enamel lute form box. Size: the watch (Meuron & Comp - Neuchatel -verge movement) is 5 cm in diameter; the mandolin is 26.5 cm long x 12 cm wide x 7.5 cm deep. The box, body of the lute opens. There is enamel decorations on the outside and inside of the lute. Hall marks: "LP" for Ludwig Politzer (1841-1907). Ludwig Politzer was one of the most important silversmiths and jewellers working in Vienna in the second half of the 19th century. Although not much is known about his life, he was born in 1841 in Szeged, Hungary. From 1866 he was in partnership with Hermann Bohm until about 1870. His artworks were exhibited at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1878 and 1900 where he received a great popularity. He was appointed Imperial Court jeweller to the Hapsburg Court. He died in Vienna in 1907. The scenes are of Renaissance figures dancing, playing musical instruments and enjoying outside activities. Condition: the watch is not operating; there are considerable chips to the black enamel of the metal string arm. There is no damage to any of the enamel scenes. The watch is from the early to mid 19th century (tells time and date) and the lute is late 19th century. The face of the watch depicts a lady with one hand on the time and one hand on the date dials. She is standing on a checkered floor, the view is highly detailed. This is a suburb example of Viennese enamel work. Price: $9,500.00.



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