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# 4472. A dated 1830 Portrait Bust. Signed on the bust in large script: "R. Trentanove Fece Roma 1830". Size: 26 1/2" tall and 16" wide. Material: Carrara Marble. Condition: minor edge flakes to the toga; multiple tiny paint splatters to the surface; the sockel was neatly broken into and reglued. Please see detailed images below. This handsome classical portrait bust in typical of the era (1830's). Probably commissioned as a portrait bust by the sitter. In storage in a Newport warehouse since about 1925. Raimondo Trentanove, Italian 1792-1832; Initially a pupil of De Maria and Bartolini, Trentanove worked in Rome in close partnership with Canova. There he was involved in the execution of numerous works in his master's style, including direct copies after Canova, antique sculpture and portrait busts. Amongst the latter there exists a fine marble of Canova himself, now in the Galleria d'arte Moderna, Milan. Another version of the present impressive memorial bust of Napoleon may be found in the Museo del Risorgimento, Faenza. This portrait bust was completed two years before Trentanove's death in 1832. In the exhibition catalogue: " Art and the Empire New York 1825, 1861 " Edited by Catherine Hoover Voorsanger and John K. Howat ( ISBN 0-87099-957-5 ) on page 137 is mentioned: "Also in 1824 the (American) Academy elected as honorary member the Italian Raimondo Trentanove, a favored pupil of Canova . . . an act calculated to emphasize the institution's connections to Europe and to counter criticism of American cultural provincialism." This bust weighs 103 lbs. {It is possible that this may be a portrait bust of Charles Lucien (Carlo) Jules Laurent Bonaparte, 2nd Prince of Canino and Musignano (May 24, 1803 – July 29, 1857) was a French naturalist and ornithologist. He was the son of Lucien Bonaparte and nephew of Emperor Napoleon.} Price: $30,000.00.

( A Trentanove bust of Napoleon sold recently at a Sothebys Auction for just over $53,000.00.

Information from a Sothebys Auction of a portrait bust by Trentanove of George Washington taking place in 2005: LOT 12 PROPERTY FROM THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY, ASTOR, LENOX AND TILDEN FOUNDATIONS RAIMONDO TRENTANOVE (1792-1832) GEORGE WASHINGTON 8,000—12,000 USD Lot Sold. Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium: $36,000 USD ; measurements height: 22.5 in. alternate measurements (57.2 cm) DESCRIPTION inscribed R. Trentanove. Fece. in Roma. 1824 white marble Executed in 1824. PROVENANCE Commissioned by James Lenox in Rome, 1824

A fine leather steamer trunk> Item number 5196. Size: 23" square and 41" tall bowing to 43.5" tall. Opens to reveal four drawers with a hanging closet above the drawers for short garments and across from that side is a hanging closet for hanging full size garments. Condition: the lock is intact but we have no key; the surface leather is a beautiful chestnut brown: there are multiple splits in the leather; most of the studs are intact showcasing a quilted look to the leather; some flaking to the painted metal strapping. This trunk was made by Hirschfelder & Meany San Francisco and is so marked. The lock is marked Eagle Lock Co of Terryville, CT with a patent date of 1896. This is a very clean and presentable decorative item suitable to store clothing. Price: $4,500.00.




# 5009. A fine bronze, slate and lapis 19th century clock. Neo-Grec in style. We will notate the figure when available.The figure is of Size: 6" x 7.5" wide x 17" tall. The Figure is 8" tall. Condition: This clock has two winding springs (the clock chimes on the hour and half hour) and both winding springs need to be replaced. The clockwork appears to be original and intact. There is a small chip to the slate on the lower right front corner of the clock. Price: $2,750.00.

#4426. An Art Deco French Clock Garniture consisting of a clock and a pair of side urns. Onyx and figured marble construction. Gilt bronze metalwork, copper hands. Size: the clock is 14" tall and the base is 5.25" x 10.5" wide; the urns at their largest dimension is 7" x 4" x 9.5" tall. Condition: the clock is in operating condition, chimes on the hour and half hour and the works appear to be original. There has been a marble and onyx restoration to the lower left front corner of the clock and there is a evident crack in the lowest border molding of the clock in the front. A fine and high style Art Deco design reminding us of the interior of the lobby of the Chrysler Building in New York City. Price: $1,950.00.

# 4162. Offering a fine Fire Gilt Bronze Clock. 19th century. Probably French, though many countries made clocks in this style. Silk escapement movement. Excellent operating condition. Strikes on the hour and half hour. Original patina. The figures are Venus and her son Cupid. The unusual depiction of Venus (clothed) and Cupid (full grown) are uncommon. Condition: I don't know if there was a back cover to the movement on the back of the clock. IF there was one, there is not one now. This is a very heavy cast bronze case in excellent condition. We are not clock experts but believe that the movement is original to the case. The finish is burnished and dull ormoulu. The female figure is holding a dove which is removable. The size: 5" deep x 13.5" wide x 19 7/8" tall. Price: $7,500.00.

Item # 4593. A fire gilt bronze clock garniture. Clock with a pair of matching three light candelabras. Napoleon III era; c. 1850-1870. Probably French. The works are French. Strikes on the hour and half hour. Size: the clock is 12.5" tall x 9" long x 6" deep. The candelabras are 15" tall. Material: Fire Gilt Bronze with painted "Paris Porcelain" elements with hand painted details. The decorative elements used reflect Renaissance designs: battle arms, swords, axes, helmets, etc., all reflected in the porcelain and cast bronze decor. The colors are royal blue porcelain enhanced with gold and white art work. Condition: one of the candelabras has a missing candle cap and there are several decorative chains missing. The bezel around the clock face may or may not have been altered. There is no glass cover to the clock face. There is a glass cover to the back of the clock. The movement appears to be original and the clock is presently in running and striking condition. There is a key. From a local Newport Rhode Island estate. Price: $4,000.00 the set.

# 4840. A Three piece Clock Garniture. Soft Paste Pottery. From the workshop of Jean Pointu working at Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye . Size of the clock is: 19" tall x 13" wide and 7" deep. Each of the two vases at 13" tall x 9" wide and 6" deep. Condition: multiple edge flakes to the very three dimensional applied flowers and leaves. Mark with a factory incised mark. The clock itself strikes on the hour and half hour and is in operating condition. Circa 1880's. The price for the three piece set is: $3,000.00.

# 3449. Pictured is an early 19th century {c. 1825} Viennese 'Eagle' clock. Three train silk escapement movement. In Vienna these are called "Adleruhr". This clock chimes every 15 minutes and must be wound every day {30 Hour movement}. Size: app. 27" x 27". Replaced pendulum. Carved wood. Original surface: very worn. Original enamel dial with chips and damage to the dial. In working condition. This is the standard clock that graced better homes in Vienna during the Biedermeier Era. An elegant and beautiful time piece. As with all of our items displayed on the internet, detailed photos are available. Price: $15,000.00.

# 2222. Pictured is a fine gilt and patinated bronze clock. C. 1875-85. A Triton sits atop a ball. The case is probably Vienna; the works is German (Lenzkirch clock manufacturer located in the Rhineland). Superb casting. Original finish and movement. 14½" tall. Price: $7,250.00.

# 4855. An American Gothic Cast Iron Parlor Stove. Size: 18" deep x 29" wide and 28" tall to the top of the fire box with another 14" to the top of the finial. (the following information from a web visitor: thank's!) "The stove was cast in W. Poultney or Poultney, Vermont by Henry Stanley, likely prior to 1856 if the plate reads W. Poultney. The foundry didn't move, but in 1856 West Poultney was incorporated into Poultney, and if the plate drops the 'W.' then it would be safe to conclude that it was cast after 1856." Markings: (a little hard to read) "Poultney VT. Oct. 16, 1845" "Stanley's Patent No. 2". The age of this stove is consistent with the 1845 cast date. Condition: looks more rough that it actually is: someone painted this stove with white enamel paint and then painted over it with black paint; the box is intact with no breaks or repairs; the side door has a replaced knob; the finial underplate has two edge losses and the finial has a side 'ear' decorative element broken off and missing; two of the feet body support flanges have been repaired and there is loss to on foot (part of the body support flange is broken off and missing). Still all in all, it is in pretty good shape. The stove needs to be sandblasted and blacked. No holes in the body floor of the stove. I don't know if this style stove had a brick interior liner: there is none evident at this time. The style is Gothic with Rococo embellishments. Gothic stoves are not very common. Though box like in form, this stove still has a great style and design. Price: $650.00.


SARAH BERNHARDT ( French, 1844-1923).

A portrait bust of an Actress


25 1/2 " in.( 64.7 cm ) high, marble

"Alors découragée et dégoûtée du thèâtre, je me pris de passion poul la sculpture" - S. Bernhardt, 'Ma Double Vie' , Paris, 1907 , p.40.

Born Rosine Bernard, Bernhardt became one of the most famed actresses of nineteenth century Paris. She made her debut on the French stage in 1862, in Racine's 'Iphegnia.' By 1869, her fame ever increasing, Bernhardt began painting and sculpting. By 1874, she was exhibiting her sculpture at the Salon and continued to do so intermittently until 1886. In addition, Bernhardt had shows devoted to her work in London in 1879 and thereafter in New York and Philadelphia. the multi-talented Bernhardt even exhibited decorative works at the Exposition Universelle in 1900. Examples of her works are exhibited in museums all over the world including the Musée d'Orsay in Paris. Price: $35,000.00.

# 3767. A ceramic / pottery / Pedestal. Made between 1890 and 1910. Thickly glazed dull white surface over a solid composition material. Size: app. 42" tall and the top will support an object 9.5" across. Condition: various flakes and glaze crackelature. This is a very heavy stone like pedestal. Probably made for an indoor conservatory or to be used outside. We had this in our garden for a couple of years with the Newport, Rhode Island cold not affecting the integrity of the pedestal. We have seen a turn of the century catalogue from the firm of Liberty of London that pictured similar garden pedestals and this (unmarked) pedestal may be from the firm of Liberty and Company. Difficult (but possible) to ship. Price: $4,500.00.



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