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#5997. A large Sevres (style) ormulu mounted porcelain vase. Size: 26.5" tall and the base is 8" square. Late 19th century. Painted 'framed' panels: one side depicts putti and the opposite side depicts flowers. Condition: the lower 3" of the porcelain base was repaired and the gilt decorations were repainted: the gold paint has dulled over the ages. . . . Price: $7,500.00.

#5801. A large parien classical figure titled: "The Listening Narcissus" or " Narcissus and Echo" Copied from a bronze statue in the Naples Museum. Known for his beauty in Greek mythology. Parien was created to represent marble. Size: base is 6.5" in diameter and the figure is 21" tall. Probably English. Age: between 1840-1870. Condition: no breaks, losses or repairs. There is a firing stress crack just behind the back of the neck of the figure. This is a rare form, especially in this condition. Price: $3,500.00.

# 5646. A large porcelain centerpiece. Size: 19" tall x 14" wide at the base. The bowl is 12" across and 4" deep. Circa 1895-1910. A tour-de-force in porcelain. Four winged angels stand on a footed base holding hands, the two handled bowl is surrounded with flowers. This piece looks like it is made of spun colored sugar! Condition: one of the putti "lost his head and it was restored" and there are multiple minor losses to the flowers and leaves. With the proper flower arrangement (there is a plastic fitted liner) this piece becomes a wonderful centerpiece for a dining table. No factory marks but probably either German or Bohemian. Price: $3,850.00.

# 1887. A fine and rare porcelain Personage tobacco jar. Painted parian: unglazed on the outside and glazed in the inside. This Tobacco box is 10" tall or about 25cm tall. This figure looks like it is made of icing: the painted decorations are for the most part pastel colors and the details are very charming. The figure (we are not sure exactly the subject) may be Edouard Strauss who was the brother of Johann Strauss Jr. Edouard lived between 1835-1916. He was a composer in his own right and was very handsome. The Figure may also be Honore Balzac. Dressed in a Victorian "Turkish" Gentleman's Smoking Attire: what more perfect form for a Tobacco Jar ! Condition: the is a very tight hairline from the inner rim down inside about 2 inches. No other condition problems. Price: $1,500.00.

# 5055. A figural cologne bottle representing Nostradamus. Size: app. 8" tall. Incised factory marks {L.H.} for Lippert & Haas of Schlaggenwald. Incised numbers 838 which could be the date of production {1838}. The incised "L.H." marks are consistent with the 1830-1846 era of production for this factory. The polychrome figure is robed, wearing a black tunic emblazoned with orange and gold gilt medallions. The gray bearded figure wears a matching cap. The solemn appearing figure stands in a mesmerizing pose. Condition: edge flake to the back of the cap; there appears to be a glaze loss to the short plinth at the back of the figure; there is minor gilt decoration loss consistent with use and age; the cologne finial is missing revealing a hole in the cap. This is a rare figure from a little know factory (outside of its homelands). Johann Georg Lippert (a physician) took over the management of the firm in after 1803; appearing to own the factory by 1808 he made Wenzel Haas a partner and named the factory Lippert & Haas. The area of location for this factory today is Horni Slavkov Bohemia. Price: $950.00.

# 5022. A 19th century "Old Paris" Veilleuse. Age: 1825-1838. Country of origin: probably France though similar forms were made in England, the United States, Russia, etc. Size: 7.50" tall. Condition: hairline crack in the pot from the center toward the spout. Unable to photograph the crack as it is almost invisible. No chips, edge flakes or restorations. This is an unusually short Veilleuse and the back is different from most we have had with the gilded arch in which the heat cup was placed. The view is typical and standard showing an idyllic pastoral scene with Italian connotations. An attractive addition to an existing collection or a great start for the beginning Veilleuse collector. Price: $1,200.00.

# 4860. A pair (2) of Delft style candle sticks. Size: 13.75" tall with a 6.5" diameter base. Colors blue and off white. On each stick a pair of putti hold together being supported by three tritons at the base. The sticks are solid as opposed to hollow and have a heavy weight. They are marked on the underside with the letters W.V.D.B. and the number 25 on one and the number 52 on the other. I would say that each stick was decorated by a different person: there are slight differences in style of painting between the two. Condition: multiple edge flakes and chips, glaze lines consistent with this type of glaze; however, they are quite presentable and usable. Age: I believe sometime before 1900. There have been no breaks with repairs. Price: $3,500.00 the pair.

# 4715. A set of 12 Vienna Factory shallow soup plates. Size 10" across and app. 1.5" deep. Age - late 18th century. Each bowl is decorated flowers: a corsage in the center and sprays on the rim. Condition: minor chips and flakes to several of the plates and minor flaking to the enamel flower painting. Price for the 12 plates: $3,500.00.

Item # 4749. An antique porcelain vase. Capo di Monte Mark - crown over N. Don't know exactly who made this vase: The mark could be Ginori who purchased Capo di Monte moulds about 1821. If not Ginori, this vase could be German from either Sandizell or one of the Rudolstadt factories. Size: 5.5" tall. Condition: Tip loss to the cat tail held by one of the putti; thumb loss to the seated woman. This is a beautifully detailed very high relief vase depicting mythological themes. Price: $1,250.00.

# 4558. A Contemporary porcelain figure of Minotaur who was the bull headed monster in the Cretan Labyrinth and was the offspring of Pasiphae, wife of Minos. Size: 11.5" tall. Condition: The Minotaur is holding a small bird in his right hand and one of the two wings appears to be broken; the wing if it was even there was inside the figures closed hand. This exceptional well designed and decorated figure was created by Kati Zorn and was produced at the Aelteste Volkstedter Porzellanmanufaktur in Thuringia Germany. Fully marked. Price: $1,750.00.

# 4159. A German Porcelain figure of Pan playing his pipe. The form has 10 holes surrounding the figure in the rock outcropping meant to hold flower stems, so the figure was originally placed in a dish or bowl of water. Realistic colors of moss and rock support the pan. Size: app. 8.5" tall. Mark for the Company: Muller & Co. Volkstedt - 1907-1949. Condition: loss to gold paint decoration; no porcelain loss or repairs. Price: $950.00.

Item number 4421. A finely decorated Chocolate / Coffee Pot. Mark for the Vienna Factory. Blue beehive under glaze. Incised numbers: "481" initial: "P". Size: 10.5" tall. condition: one of the cover stops to the lid has been repaired and there is a flake to the purple flower bud on the finial. Finely decorated with flowers; snake decor handle; minor gold gilt wear. Good size and proportion. The marks indicate a production between 1749 and 1827. Decoration on both sides of the pot. Price: $1,250.00.

# 3802. Offering a Porcelain Figure of what may be an character from an Opera. Marked on the bottom, but we do not know the firm. In the style of Jacob Petit. Size: app. 10.75" tall. Footprint of app. 5" x 3.5". Condition: gilt wear consistent with age and use ( but there is very little wear). Age: between 1850 and 1860. Polychromed figure possibly representing an Italian Opera Character. Figure is standing on a stippled moss covered tundra leaning against a tree stump. The stump also is meant to hold flowers. A hunter dressed in fancy frock coat leans on his rifle. Finely painted an detailed gilt work on his coat and pants. The marks perhaps are the letters " G. & R." and a signature of the letter "D". Price $850.00.

# 3715. Through a series of images we offer a fine and rare pair (2) of White porcelain wall mounted plaques. Each plaque is app. 20" tall. The left plaque is marked with the mark for the Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin. It is a blue mark under a slip glaze over the bisque. The left relief is about 5" deep and 10" across at its widest: . Both of these high relief plaques have had tip restorations. I would say that about ten of of the tips to the foliage have been repaired. The heads of both items have never had repairs. The right plaque is 8" at its widest. The holes shown the the foliage toward the top of each plaque: what were they for? I believe that they held electrical sockets for lights, though I am not positive. The age: The mark, thought I am sure is from the Royal Porcelain Manufactory is hard to date, though I believe that these items were made after 1870. The detail mark of the right plaque I suspect is a definite date mark and those who know works from this firm will be able to date them. The workmanship is consistent with that if Royal Vienna, Meissen, etc. Price for the pair is $4,500.00.

# 3625. Offering a colorful "Paris Porcelain" Tobacco Jar. Third Quarter of the Nineteenth Century. Unmarked *. Size: app. 9.75" tall; jar opening app. 4.25" across. On the front side of this tobacco container is a framed depiction of Prince Albert (I believe) holding a pipe with smoke coming from the pipe. The figure is wearing 16th century attire. The lower section of the figure is wearing a section of armor and that area is silver gilt. Silver gilt is not common in Paris Porcelain of this era. Stretching over the frame is a lavender colored ribbon. The form of the jar is that of a wood barrel covered by leaves and vines. The handles are gilt limbs of a tree. The Lid supports all manner of gentleman vices: pipe, tobacco leaves, playing cards, tobacco pouch, dice, a bundle of cigars, wine or spirits pitcher, all wrapped together with a blue cloth. Condition: wear to the gilt consistent with age and use, the tip of the lid which depicted an end of a pipe (a white tip) is broken and missing; the underside of the lid has considerable crazing indicating a possible edge restoration surrounding the inner surface: we cannot tell if there has been any restoration to this area, but we cannot guarantee that there has been none. The only mark* is an incised "H" on the underside. This is a very attractive and museum quality tobacco jar and would be a suitable addition to a serious collector. $1,250.00.



The Drawing Room is located at 152-154 Spring Street, Newport, Rhode Island 02840.We are open daily from 11 am to 5 pm and by appointment. If you have an interest in an item listed in this document or wish to purchase an item, please call us at 1-401-841-5060 (cell phone 401-261-3980). The Partnership of Gacher and Santi has been in business for over 40 years. We have been located in Newport since 1985. Our email address: Federico Santi

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