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Lighting from The Drawing Room of Newport including Gas lighting (chandeliers, table lamps, wall sconces, gas shades), Solar Lighting, Sinumbra Lighting, Girandole , interesting kerosene table lamps, etc.Gift wrapping is available for smaller items and of course we can ship purchases to most destinations via UPS, U.S. Postal or Fedex.



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# 5507. A six arm gasolier. Circa 1880's. Fitted for Electricity, original shade rings (5") match the color of the copper metalwork of the fixture. Aesthetic / Japanesque designs: the ceramics elements represent Satsuma. Maker attributed to Thackera, Sons and Company of Philadelphia. Size: 29.5" across and 46" tall. This fixture comes with a matched pair of wall sconces. From a South of Boston. The metal finish is original and is in fair to excellent condition. . .This fixture has been fitted for electricity with the wiring fitted on the outside of the arms. One of the arms was broken and repaired using a metal interior shaft to secure and stabilize the arm. The wall sconces have not been fitted for electricity. The six matching crown shades have a fleur-de-lys pattern and are contemporary with the chandelier but are not original the fixture. The shades are included with the chandelier. Price: $10,500.00.

# 5475. An American Gas and Electric 8 light Chandelier. Four Electric and four gas. All Copper and with the exception of the gas elements being fitted for electricity all original. The shades (all matching) appear to be period to this fixture: holly design. The electric sockets are marked: "Made by T-H.E.Co. Lynn Mass. May 17, 1887 Patd. Applied for" The tubing is copper, the ceiling cap is copper, the gas cocks are copper, the electric sockets are copper, the electric and gas shade rings are copper: all is copper. Size: 32" wide and 47" long and 38" tall. This simple, elegant chandelier would be suitable over a dining room table or over a pool-table. Price: $2,950.00.

We inventory thousands of antique cut glass late 19th and early 20th century prisms. If planning a visit to our gallery in Newport Rhode Island and are looking for a match to one you need, bring examples and perhaps we will have the one you are looking for. We do not sell prisms via mail order.

# 5338. A pair of Beaux-Arts Era bronze wall sconces. Size: 31" tall and 7" wide. The back plate is 4" wide and 18" tall. The shade is a new replacement. Condition: at some time we believe that at the top scroll on either side were additional hanging lights that would have hung on either side offering 3 pendants instead of the single one shown. Several hole were drilled in the brass scroll in the process of re-wiring. . . for the most part, the holes are not evident to the viewer: they are on the top of the scroll. The bronze is a soft bronze with an original dark patina. The style looks like they either came out of a Newport Palace or a grand Hollywood Mansion. Price for the pair is $3.450.00.

Item # 3382. A Bronze Chandelier. Bronze with gilt finish. Size: 34" tall and the metalwork is 19" across / shades could make this fixture wider. Condition: the shades are reproduction and there is a small decorative element missing (one of the missing elements is shown) there may be a couple of leaves missing also: there is so much going on here it is hard to tell; wear to the bottom hook decoration in the center. The style is European Beaux Arts: c. 1900. This is an electric chandelier: newly wired. This is a period chandelier. It is very heavy. This style came in three arm up to 12 arms: this is a five arm chandelier. A single cherub sits most of the way up blowing a horn. Price: $5,750.00.

# 4248. Shown is a companion chandelier to item number 3762. As described: . . . In 1910 Russian Artist and set designer (for Diaghilev's Ballet Russe), Leon Bakst, influenced international society and the applied arts with his barbaric exoticism for the ballet Scheherazade. Oriental filigree lamps became all the rage which were also well suited to the new luxury of electricity. This fanciful iron filigree example is of American manufacturer and dates from that period. Size: 29" wide and 47" tall to the top of the pipe. In a recent article in NEST { Winter 2003} titled "The Most Indian House in America" by David Petrovsky, Lockwood de Forest { 1850 - 1932 } and his influence on taste is discussed. The exotic lines of this fixture certainly reflect thematically de Forest's design concepts. This chandelier would have been at home in a de Forest designed interior. Condition: this chandelier has been totally restored; the surface cleaned, and primed and painted, fitted for electricity and new opalescent gas and electric shades have been added. Minor losses. From a private collector in Newport Rhode Island and we believe that (originally because both were from the same are in Newport ) both probably were used in the same home in Newport. Price: $4,950.00

# 5237. An American Kerosene Three Arm Chandelier. Size: 26" x 36": when the pull down slider is used, the fixture becomes 48" tall. Age: 1875-80. Material: copper plated brass; iron and glass. The fonts, shades, burners and rings appear to be period. The copper plating is original and in good condition with some minor plating loss and discoloration. There are over 100 4" prisms and appear to be modern though of very good quality consistent with original form and design. The slider feature works as it should. Not fitted for electricity, still operable as a kerosene fixture. Faux gas keys. Price: $2,950.00.

# 5221. An exceptional American Crystal Gas Chandelier. Size: 40" wide and 52" tall. Six arm. Hundreds of original cut glass prisms reflect the light in a dazzling array creating a light show for the focal point of a room. Circa 1876, this chandelier is consistent with lighting from the Mount Washington Glass Works of New Bedford, Massachusetts. That firm exhibited at the 1876 Philadelphia Exhibition. Condition: one repaired arm; one is fitted for electricity on the outside of the arm; a few prisms missing and a few have chips; the shade rings and the shades are contemporary. Price: $24,500.00.

# 4848. A gas figural newel post lamp of an Etruscan Warrior. Material: White Metal. Circa 1869-89.Size: 43" tall to the top of the shade ring; the base is 10" across. The figure and the gas staff is detachable from the base. This figure is titled in large letters on the base: "ETRUSCAN" The head of this figure is similar to the form used by American Express in their early advertisements. This is the second figural lamp of this form in the last dozen years. It is from a Newport estate. Condition: the finish is new: putty colored paint and bright gold paint. There has been a restoration to the crest on the head of the warrior: the crest was detached and restored with epoxy. There is a standard 5" gas ring on this lamp which has been fitted for electricity. There is no shade for this lamp. Price: $5,500.00.

# 4997. A matched pair of gilt bronze wall Pendants. Each is 10" across and 20" tall from the top ring to the bottom finial. Swedish, Danish or possibly French in origin. They hang 22" and are out from the wall 12". Candle and one time fitted for electricity with drill holes through the bobeches and candle cups and now un-electrified. Mid 19th century. Wall pendants from this era are very rare. We had a pair of Renaissance Revival wall pendants over 10 years ago and this is the first pair we have seen in the marketplace since. The pendants themselves are intact; the wall brackets suspending the pendants are of the period but originally served another purpose: they were curtain pole brackets. Now they suitably hold the pendants. In the vintage film Camille (1937) starring Gretta Garbo, in Armand's (Robert Taylor) apartment is shown a similar pair of wall pendants on either side of a mirror over a fireplace. When these pendants were made, Napoleon III was in power in France. The casting is crisp and nicely detailed. Empire Style decorative elements. Recently the fire gilt finish has been cleaned and the matt and bright gold ormolu is spectacular. Price for the pair (2) is $5,900.00

Item # 5119. A pair of Argand lamps. At first look, these do not look like Argand Lamps, but on closer examination, they were at one time. They have succumbed to the hacksaw of the 1930's 'lamp shop' when they were fitted for electricity. First: the manufacturer was Henry Hooper of Boston. Heavy cast bronze. The central form behind the prisms supported a pair of arms which have been cut and disposed of. The central top trumpet pierced section held a glass vase. To fill the lamp: you probably removed the glass vase and trumpet holder and added oil; the convenience of not having to remove the heavy prism ring was a novelty at the time. Size: 18" tall to the top of the pierced trumpet; 10" across the prism ring and 12" tall to the top of the prism ring. So . . . this is a project: arms and burners must be found and soldered to the main body; glass trumpets must be found that fit correctly and of course 4 (two for each lamp) appropriate shades must be acquired. The prisms: about 3/4's of them appear to be period; the rest are about the same length, but a different style and probably later additions. The patina is very worn. The restoration will take a lot of effort; however, very few of this form of Argand has survived. We know of no complete example. Price as they sit; for the pair: $5,500.00.

# 5154. A French Sinumbra Table Lamp. This lamp dates from before 1850. Signed on the oil font: - Par Brevet - D'Importation - Concession - M. et C ie - . Size: approximately 20" tall to the top of the font; the shade is 10" in diameter and it is 8" tall making the lamp almost 30" tall to the top of the chimney. Condition: electrified; one of the oil feeder tubes which also support the font has been replaced; there are small dents to the octagonal base; the surface of the lamp - the green paint and gold decoration - was probably 'decorated' in the 1950's. The glass shade is a period shade but may or may not be the original base shade; there are two flakes to the shade. The metal is tin with brass fittings. This style shade which is frosted inside gives a very soft pleasing light. Price: $1,950.00

# 5078. A pair of Newport Estate Gilded Age Wall Sconces. Circa 1900. Size: each stands out from the wall 7.5" is 14.5" tall. Gilded brass metalwork and a fine and rare Lalique style bulb cover which screws over the bulb housing. There is no signature on the frosted bulb covers. Condition: worn gilt on the metal work; tiny white paint spatters over the sconce and one of the bulb covers has a tiny flake to the lower edge. These sconces probably need to be rewired. There is what appear to be a gas key which operates the on and off switch. Price for the pair is $2,500.00.

# 4985. A small and charming American mid 19th century Candle Hall Lantern. Possibly Boston and Sandwich Glass Company. Deitz also manufactured similar style lanterns. Size: 10" tall with the top metalwork 8" across and the glass framed lantern section 6" across. Condition: carefully electrified with no intrusion to the original material; considerable flaking to the metal work showing very old gold colored paint; one pane of glass has been cracked and reglued. The condition of the glass paint decoration is very good considering the use and age. Of the six glass panels, two are scenic and four are decorative. One of the panels opens to light and change the candle. All the glass panels including the bottom glass panel are period and believed to be original. The chain and chain loops are replacements. A single small candelabra size electric bulb of low wattage is sufficient to illuminate the glass. We have had this form in a larger model but this is the smallest of this lantern in our collection. Provenance: from a modest farm home in New Hampshire. Price: $1,200.00.

# 5048. A pair (2) of single arm Argand lamps. Labeled: " Gardner New York " Gardner was a retail gallery in New York City. Size: 16" tall sitting on a square base that is 6". Condition: still oil, never fitted for electricity; very distressed finish: most of the gold gilt work is gone and the painted surface is in very poor condition; the prisms are not period to the set; there is a small interior thimble like wick holder missing from one of the two lamps as noted in the detailed images. This set is ready for restoration and will be a handsome addition to a period interior. Comes with a pair of reproduction Argand Shades over very good quality. Price $3,950.00 the pair.

Item # 4716. An American Romanesque Revival candle chandelier. Bronze and jewels. Fitted for electricity. This fixture has 12 candle sockets of which 6 have been fitted with electrical candle lamps with red fringed shades + the center section has been custom fitted with a red fabric shade with red fringe. All in all there are 7 electrical fittings and 6 candle holders. The large center shade has a separate electrical chain pull. Size of the fixture: 22" diameter, 35" tall at its shortest. 18 glass jewels surround the 'crown' element. Price: $3,950.00.

Item # 4313. An electric Arts and Crafts / Art Nouveau / Secession era Chandelier. This is a period fixture, c. 1915. Size: 25" across and 14" tall. Suspended from a single chain. New wiring, old sockets that came with this chandelier. Material: bright gold brass inset with yellow slag glass panels. There is a metal wire under the lip where there was probably a beaded fringe attached; now there is a quilted gold fabric hanging from that wire. Condition: new wiring and there is small loss to one of the panels as shown in one of the photos (does not show from the outside). Price: $2,750.00.

# 3762. . . . In 1910 Russian Artist and set designer (for Diaghilev's Ballet Russe), Leon Bakst, influenced international society and the applied arts with his barbaric exoticism for the ballet Scheherazade. Oriental filigree lamps became all the rage which were also well suited to the new luxury of electricity. This fanciful iron filigree example is of American manufacturer and dates from that period. In a recent article in NEST { Winter 2003} titled "The Most Indian House in America" by David Petrovsky, Lockwood de Forest { 1850 - 1932 } and his influence on taste is discussed. The exotic lines of this fixture certainly reflect thematically de Forest's design concepts. This chandelier would have been at home in a de Forest designed interior. Size: 37" tall and 16" across. Losses and dents consistent with age and use. There are four decorative chains attached from the top to the main body of the fixture each with a spiral spring decorative element: one of these spiral elements is missing along with part of the chain. I believe that it would not be difficult to reproduce this missing section. This fixture was stored in a horse stable on Bellevue Avenue here in Newport, Rhode Island for more than 50 years. It probably was used in a foyer in some home in the area. It uses a single light bulb and we have a section of pale paper covering the interior of the basket to show off the filigree when the bulb is lit. It is possible that there may have been an art glass shade covering the light bulb. The basket is hinged and opens to change to the bulb. Newly rewired. Price: $1,250.00.

# 3122. A fine American three arm gas chandelier. Fitted for electricity. Three children 'support' the center shaft from which a pan with three heads adds to the Renaissance theme; arms of leaves and tendrils support red flashed 'Chariot' theme gas shades. A small but presentable fixture. Original fire gilt finish. The figures have been repainted. The fixture is 28" across and 32" tall. THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD

# 3990. Pictured is one of a pair of rare gas wall sconces in the Gothic Style. Each supports one gas shade. Size (not including the size of the Shade)17" deep and 28" tall. These are very large scale sconces, from a Long Island Gothic Mansion. The Crocket at the base of the sconce is the gas key. Fitted for electricity. The finish is not original. Metal: White Metal. The Cameo Style Gas Shades (pair) are for 4" fitters. The Shades have a top opening of 5.5" and are app. 7" tall. Probably American. Fitted for electricity. NO back plates. Price: $5,650.00 the pair.

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