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# 7115. An oil on canvas by Helena Sturtevant (unsigned). Sturtevant ( 1872-1946 ) was among the most significant landscape and marine themed painters to emerge from the state of Rhode Island during her lifetime, and remains best know for her light-filled paintings of the historic buildings and scenic coastal location of her native Newport. Her dramatic, Impressionist-oriented styling of the sky and clouds dominate the background of much of her work, whose location subject-matter extends well beyond New England to Paris and the Caribbean, where she executed several of her most highly-regarded paintings. This painting depicts a young lad shucking corn in the Fall. Sturtevant painted several similar themed subjects. Size of frame is 24" x 28", the stretcher is 20" x 24". Notations on the stretcher included "R. Williams 4/15 H. Sturtevant" and a rubber stamp: "H. (Henry) R. Finn, 1050 East Main Road, Portsmouth, RI 02871" This painting was probably cleaned by Henry Finn. There is a large collection of paintings by Sturtevant in Newport City Hall and Henry Finn was commissioned a number of years ago to restore the collection. Inquiries welcome.

# 7118. A wax military figure under glass. Pictured is a rare item purchased by Mrs. John Nicholas Brown, Harbor Court, Newport. Anne Seddon Kinsolving Brown (1906-1985) was an American historian, socialite, and collector of military memorabilia who married into the prominent Rhode Island Brown family, founders of Brown University. Anne Brown began collecting lead toy soldiers during the couple's year-long honeymoon trip to Europe in 1930. Eventually her interest expanded dramatically to a large collection of military memorabilia, which on her death became the "Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection. She was also an historian co-founding the Company of Military Historians in 1949. She wrote many book and article related to military history. Harbor Court today serves as the site of the New York Yacht Club. This piece was purchased from Christian M. Nebehay Antiques in Vienna Austria. Nebehay (1909-2003) was an Austrian art dealer, art collector and author. He became internationaly known in the art world for his works on Gustave Klimt and Egon Schiele. Artworks from Nebehay's gallery are exhibited at the world's most important museums today including (in America) the National Gallery of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. Mrs. Brown purchased this piece, probably along with many other items, and had all shipped to her home in Newport. Size of the frame is 23" x 17" and the wax figure is 12.5" x 6.5". Mrs. Brown probably purchased this piece around 1950-53. Age: Biedermeier era: 1820-1830. Condition, minor scuffs, the fabric has probably been replaced. A rare example of Newport's end of the "gilded age" history. POR.

# 4507. Oil on artist board. American; unsigned. c. 1890-1900. Size: 10" x 14". View of coastal estate in Middletown, RI. Price: $500.00.

7101. An oil on canvas. Size: (frame) 41.5" x 33.5". Restored. Circa 1840-50. A young girl holds her kitten in her hands while he doggie looks on. . . American or English. Inquiries.

# walter. An oil on board. Signed: "L. Walter" Size: (board) 12.5" x 15". Signed in the lower right corner. No date. Condition: very dirty and there is a 'score' mark from 11 o'clock to the center of the picture. The mark was somewhat restored, but not very well. A moody New England picture of a small town. Painted between 1920-30. Inquiries.

# 7017. A pair of framed oil on canvas, mounted as a two panel floor screen. Each panel is 38" wide and 77" tall. The screen dates from the 19th century. Wood and gesso decoration; later gold paint over the gilt surfaces; lossed to the gesso decorations. The oil on canvas panels probably date prior to 1800. This screen has been used as part of the furnishing of "Bois Dore" a Newport Gilded Age mansion located on Narragansett Avenue. The panels were the property of Mrs. Elinor Dorrance Hill Ingersol. The panels were purchased for Bois Dore or used in another home. After her passing the mansion was purchased by oil heiress Carolyn Mary Skelly and has subsequently been sold recently. Price: $12,500.00 the pair.

# 4710. An oil over ink on paper. Artist William Horace Littlefield ( was an American painter known for his figure studies of male nudes. Born 10-28-1902, died 7-5-1969. His works are in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Harvard Art Museums, the Worcester Art Museum, Smith College Art Museum, the New Hampshire Institute of Art, the Addison Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Cape Cod Museum of Art. Size: 22.25" x 43". Paper mounted on board. Pencil notations on the art work itself ( "my body...") and notations on the back side in pen: "William Horace Littlefield Paul Thorpe Apollo for Apollo and Daphne. Jan. 1933 Oil on paper over ink." We do not believe that this piece was signed by the artist. Condition: tears, holes. Price $3,950.00.

#7014. A large colored engraving depicting "The Battle of Drumclog" taking place June 1, 1679. This engraving dates from the mid 19th century. Engraved by Charles Edward Wagstaff ( he was also responsible for the engravings of "The Coronation of Queen Victoria"; "The Marriage of Queen Victoria"; "The Golfers: a Grand Match Over St. Andrews' Links") after a famous painting by George Harvey. The frame size is: 46" x 38" and the engraving is 33" x 23" The frame was made by the firm of Charles Whitehead at 175-177 Columbus Ave. New York. This extraordinary frame was custom made for this engraving featuring Scottish decorative elements. Condition: minor losses to the gesso decorations; no noticeable staining to the engraving. The back retains its original wood covering and papers. It has never been out of this mounting once framed. Price: $1,750.00.

# 6089. A fine Gilded Age Portrait of "Mary Walter Cooper. . .was Peter Cooper's niece-in-law. Her husband was Charles William Cooper, son of Peter's younger brother Edward Cooper. Mary and Charles had one daughter, Julia, who was married to Captain Schuyler Schieffelin in 1907. They appear to have been a relatively close-knot extended family, as the Cooper Union Archives & Special Collections hold correspondence between them all in the Cooper family papers collection. Charles and Mary were also both very involved in The Cooper Union in the early part of the 20th century: he served on the Board of Trustees, and she was President of the Ladies Advisory Council. The Mary Walter Cooper Scholarship was first given in 1916 to two students of the Women's Art School. In the Fall of 1926 she permanently endowed this scholarship and today it's available for anyone in the School of Art. The Coopers resided in Tuxedo Park. The portrait was painted by Josef Arpad Koppay, he was the court painter for the Hapsburg's of Austria. Commissions allowed him to travel throughout Europe and the East Coast of the U.S. where he painted portraits of industrialists, artists and writers. Roosevelt and Rockefeller were clients. The size of this oil on canvas is 48" wide and 70" tall. Original frame. The portrait should be cleaned with a few touch-ups... Inquiries.

# 5602. A pair of American Portraits on panel. The gentleman portrait is of Henry Harris Tuckerman. Born 28 Sept. 1783 in Boston Mass and died 10 Dec. 1860 in Cambridge Mass. He was the son of Edward Francis Tuckerman and Elizabeth Harris. The companion portrait of the lady is his wire Ruth Lyman who was born about 1787 and died Sept. 7 1823 in Boston. Ruth and Henry had 5 children: Henry Theodore, Elizabeth, Lucy Keating and Charles Keating. Charles K. was the first Minister to Greece (1868-1872) and was born March 11, 1821 and died Feb. 28, 1986 in Florence Italy. On the reverse of the gentleman's portrait in pencil: "Portrait of Henry H. Tuckerman . . . " with a printed label on the back side: "Henry Theodore Tuckerman" (we presume that the sons name on the back of this portrait indicates ownership not subject identification) Sold with the companion portrait of his wife. Size: Frame is 28" x 33.5" and the board is 21.5" x 27". Condition: paint loss to both portraits. The frames were gilt originally and we probably painted with gold paint "to freshen them up"! Circa 1820-30. Inquiries.

Item # 7004. A portrait of Dr. Samuel Bradhurst III (1749-1826). He trained as a surgeon and during the American Revolution served at the Battles of Princeton and Brandywine. While attending the wounded in 1777, he was captured by the British and placed under house arrest. In 1799, he sold 20 acres in Harlem Heights to Alexander Hamilton on which he would build Hamilton Grange. Bradhurst was a friend of Alexander Hamilton and his wife, Mary, was a first cousin of Aaron Burr's wife, Theodosia. In an attempt to keep the two from duelling, Bradhurst secretly challenged Burr to a duel fought with swords days before the fateful encounter with Hamilton. Burr escaped unharmed while Bradhurst was wounded in the arm. It was rumored that he fought the duel with his wife's uncle's sword, that of General Maunsell. After the Revolution Dr. Bradhurst enter into the wholesale drug business with Josiah Hazard Field (d. 1806) and by 1804 was a member of the Legislature. Aside from his estate on Manhattan, Pinehurst, he owned land in New York City and Virginia. He had 5 children. A label on the back of the frame states: "From Frederick Keppel & Co. rare engravings and etchings No. 4 East 39th St New York. No. H1486" Frame size: 33" x 38" and canvas size: 25" x 30". Condition: scuffs, two punctures to the canvas, very dirty. . . .terrible but restorable condition. We will be listing the companion portrait of Dr. Bradhurst's wife. Inquiries.

Item # 7005. A companion portrait to Dr. Samuel Bradhurst portrait. Depicting Mary (Smith) Bradhurst (1753-1841). Father was Richard Smith (b. 1715), Mother Deborah (Stillwell) Smith (1718-1826). She as the first cousin of Theodosia Bartow who married Aaron Burr, but politically and personally the Bradhursts were allied to Alexander Hamilton. She and her husband lived at Pinehurst and had five children. Pinehurst was built in 1786 for Lt. General John Manunsell, it was the grandest of the Federal-Style mansions, the grounds stretched from one side of the island to the other. Demolished for urbanization in about 1890. A label on the back of the frame states: "From Frederick Keppel & Co. rare engravings and etchings No. 4 East 39th St New York. No. H1487" Frame size: 33.5" x 38.5" and canvas size: 25.5" x 31". Condition: scuffs, a punctures to the canvas, very dirty. . . .terrible but restorable condition. Inquiries.

# 5648. A pair of 19th century English 'Dummy Boards'. Representing "The Royal Horse Artillery -1832" and "The 17th Lancers -1832". Size: 40" tall and 20.5" wide. Material painted wood and metal base applications. Condition, without issue. From the estate of a noted Newport, RI interior decorator who purchase these items in London and had them shipped to Newport over 40 years ago. Price: $3,850.00 the pair.

Item Code: PAR. A small oil on board framed under glass. The title on the reverse states: "Old Fashioned Children" in hand written script. The Artist Board is made in Baltimore. Looks as if it is a study for a childrens book. Illustration style from the 1920's perhaps. Signed in the right. See hyper-link for detailed photos. From a Newport Rhode Island estate in storage for over 50 years. Price: $950.00.

# 4221 is a pair (2) of 17th century Gothic carved wood figures in relief of two Saints. The figures are possibly from Central Europe; they were brought out of Hungary in the 1950's. Each is 7" wide and 18" tall. Originally polychrome. Paint and gesso loss and very fragile; worm holes. Very well carved. Price: $4,950.00 the pair.

# 4865. A bronze head of "Pan". Signed N. Dimitrieff and dated 1937. Size: 11" tall. Very heavy cast bronze weighing 14lbs. Marked: Roman Bronze Works. (The following is the only other reference we can find about this artist: Dimitrieff, N. V., sculptor. Bedi-Rassy Art Foundry, founder. Title: Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837), (sculpture). Dates: 1941. Dedicated 1949. Medium: Statue: bronze, painted black; Base: granite. Dimensions: Statue: approximately. 4 x 3 x 3 ft.; Base: approximately. 6 x 5 x 5 ft. Inscription: N. V. Dimitrieff/1941 BEDI-RASSY FOUNDRY N.Y.C. (On front of base, raised:) PUSHKIN/1799 - 1837 signed Founder's mark appears. Description: A waist-length portrait of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, wearing long sideburns and dressed in traditional 19th century gentleman's clothes, including a cape which hangs over his proper right shoulder and flows around his back to his proper left side. He holds a scrolled paper with text inscribed into it in his proper left hand. His proper right hand is raised up to his chest. The portrait is painted black and is installed on top of a tapered stone base. Scroll Object Type: Outdoor Sculpture -- New Jersey -- Cassville Sculpture Owner: Administered by Jackson Township, Department of Public Works, Jackson Township, New Jersey 08527 Located Pushkin Park, Rova Farm, Intersection of Route 571 & Perrineville Road, Cassville, New Jersey Remarks: Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, 1799-1837, a poet and dramatist, introduced Romanticism into Russian literature. The monument was erected on the 150th anniversary of Pushkin's birth. Repository: Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture, Smithsonian American Art Museum, P.O. Box 37012, MRC 970, Washington, D.C. 20013-7012 Control Number: IAS NJ000261) Price $9,500.00.

# 4567. An oil on canvas of a white peacock and flowers. Size of canvas: 19" x 50" in a very simple gold painted frame. Age: 19th century. Condition: crazing to the surface, probably needs minor cleaning and varnishing. Price: $2,850.00.

# 4542. An Oil on Canvas. Signed Laszlo Zilahy. Hungarian. The style of this picture is the "Neogrady" style, but I believe that this artist predates those images by several years. We have never been able to find any information about Laszlo Zilahy. When we purchase this painting in Boston many years ago, it had its original large gold leaf frame with a Budapest Stamp on the frame dated 1876. The frame was too large for the area we were displaying the painting so we re-framed the painting and sold the frame. Size: 23" x 34". Condition: original stretcher; flakes to the canvas as noted in the photos; crackelature to the surface. The work is stable, has never been cleaned and has not been relined. Price: $2,500.00.

# 4472. A dated 1830 Portrait Bust. Signed on the bust in large script: "R. Trentanove Fece Roma 1830". Size: 26 1/2" tall and 16" wide. Material: Carrara Marble. Condition: minor edge flakes to the toga; multiple tiny paint splatters to the surface; the sockel was neatly broken into and reglued. Please see detailed images below. This handsome classical portrait bust in typical of the era (1830's). Probably commissioned as a portrait bust by the sitter. In storage in a Newport warehouse since about 1925. Raimondo Trentanove, Italian 1792-1832; Initially a pupil of De Maria and Bartolini, Trentanove worked in Rome in close partnership with Canova. There he was involved in the execution of numerous works in his master's style, including direct copies after Canova, antique sculpture and portrait busts. Amongst the latter there exists a fine marble of Canova himself, now in the Galleria d'arte Moderna, Milan. Another version of the present impressive memorial bust of Napoleon may be found in the Museo del Risorgimento, Faenza. This portrait bust was completed two years before Trentanove's death in 1832. In the exhibition catalogue: " Art and the Empire New York 1825, 1861 " Edited by Catherine Hoover Voorsanger and John K. Howat ( ISBN 0-87099-957-5 ) on page 137 is mentioned: "Also in 1824 the (American) Academy elected as honorary member the Italian Raimondo Trentanove, a favored pupil of Canova . . . an act calculated to emphasize the institution's connections to Europe and to counter criticism of American cultural provincialism." This bust weighs 103 lbs. {It is possible that this may be a portrait bust of Charles Lucien (Carlo) Jules Laurent Bonaparte, 2nd Prince of Canino and Musignano (May 24, 1803 – July 29, 1857) was a French naturalist and ornithologist. He was the son of Lucien Bonaparte and nephew of Emperor Napoleon.} Price $30,000.00.

( A Trentanove bust of Napoleon sold recently at a Sothebys Auction for just over $53,000.00.

Information from a Sothebys Auction of a portrait bust by Trentanove of George Washington taking place in 2005: LOT 12 PROPERTY FROM THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY, ASTOR, LENOX AND TILDEN FOUNDATIONS RAIMONDO TRENTANOVE (1792-1832) GEORGE WASHINGTON 8,000—12,000 USD Lot Sold. Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium: $36,000 USD ; measurements height: 22.5 in. alternate measurements (57.2 cm) DESCRIPTION inscribed R. Trentanove. Fece. in Roma. 1824 white marble Executed in 1824. PROVENANCE Commissioned by James Lenox in Rome, 1824

# 4223. Pictured is a watercolor att. to Moritz von Schwind. The image size is 14½" x 10¼". It is on paper. This work is a study for a mural. Schwind completed interior paintings for among other places the Vienna Opera House. The subject depicts Brunhilde & Siegfried. There was an exhibition at The National Gallery in Washington in 2001 titled: "Spirit of an Age" among other artist represented is quoted the following: "The exhibition features . . . two idealized canvases by Moritz von Schwind (1804-1871). In Von Schwind's The Rose, or The Artist's Journey (1846-1847), the painter fills the landscape with knights, maidens, and castles to evoke a medieval, fairytale mood." Brought out of Budapest in the 1950's. Price: $3,500.00

# 3922. Oil on panel, signed: Imre Greguss (front and back), Hungarian, 1856-1910. A study for a mural. Titled: Prince Rakoczi in Transylvania. Fully documented. 9½" X 13½". Greguss specialized in paintings with a military theme and his works hang in the Military Museum in Budapest. Price: $3,850.00.

# 3261. Oil painting on canvas. A self portrait with the artist holding his brush. Probably American. Size : 11" x 14". Sign on the paintbrush: " J E Landers 1875" We don't know if this is Jelanders or J Elanders or J E Landers. There was a James Ervin Landers ( James Ervin Landers Date of Birth: 9 May 1848 Place of Birth: McMinn Co., TN Date of Death: 4 Sept 1913 Place of Death: Okemah, OK Date of Marriage: 23 Sept 1869 Place of Marriage: Athens, McMinn Co, TN )who died in Okemah in 1915. Price: $3,000.00.

#7036A. A linoleum Cut by artist Louis Bouché. Inserted in Playboy No.9. Printed July 24, 1924. Size: 9" x 11.5". Condition: edge losses. Fragile. Louis George Bouché (3-18-96/8-7-69) was an American artist, muralist and decorator. He was a 1933 Guggenheim Fellow. He taught at the Arts Students League and the National Academy of Design. His works are in the collection of major museums throughout America. Price: $250.00.

#7036B. A Linoleum Cut by artist H. Glintencamp (his name may have been misspelled). Cut from Playboy No. 9 magazine. Published July 1924. Size: of paper is 8.25" x 12". Size of woodcut images is 6.5" x 5.25". Condition: staining. Henry J. Glintenkamp was born in 1887 and died in 1946. Titled: "Limehouse Causeway" 1921. When the United States joined WW1 in 1917, Glintencamp registered as a conscientious objector, fled to Mexico. Where ever he traveled he continued to paint and make prints featuring street life. Limehouse Causeway is a street in East London that was the home to the original Chinatown of London. Price: $250.00.

#7036C. A Linoleum Cut by artist Alfred H. Maurer. Cut from Playboy No. 9 magazine. Published July 1924. Size: of paper is 8.75" x 12". Size of woodcut images is 6" x 4.5". Titled: "Woman with Hand on Hip" . Maurer was born in 1868 and died in 1932. He is described as an "American Modernist" painter. He exhibited his work in avant-garde circles internationally and in New York City during the early twentieth century. Highly respected today, his work met with little critical or commercial success in his lifetime and he died, a suicide, at the age of 64. Printed on thin cream wove japan paper. Price: $250.00.

#7036D. A Linoleum Cut titled: "Woodcut by a Russian Workman". Cut from Playboy No. 9 magazine. Published July 1924. Size: of paper is 8" x 12". Size of woodcut images is 3.75" x 5". Printed on thin cream wove japan paper. Condition: margin fold on the left bottom side. Price: $250.00.

#7036G. A woodcut titled: (Courtesy Weyhe Galleries) by Arthur R. Young. Cut from Playboy No. 9 magazine. Published July 1924. Size: of paper is 8.5" x 12". Size of woodcut images is 6.75" x 5.25". Printed on thin cream wove japan paper. Condition: staining and mars across the bottom of the border page. Arthur Raymond Young was born in Manhattan in 1895. He attended the New York School of Design, a classmate of Norman Rockwell; became a professor at The Teachers College at Columbia University and taught print making for 40 years. Died in 1989. Unsigned. Price: $500.00.

#7036H. A woodcut titled: "La Paresse (Laziness), A Woodcut" (Courtesy Weyhe Galleries) by F. Vollattion. Cut from Playboy No. 9 magazine. Published July 1924. Size: of paper is 8.5" x 12". Size of woodcut images is 6.5" x 5.25". Printed on thin cream wove Japan paper. Condition: staining and mars across the bottom of the border page. Felix Edouard Vallotton was born in 1865. Known as a Nabis artist. He studied at The Academie Julien. Died in 1925. Unsigned. Price: $250.00.

From our selection of fine and rare portrait miniatures

# 5666. A snuff box with a miniature portrait of a man and his dog. C. 1830. 10k gold laminate on copper, inside and outside. 2 hallmarks (one possibly the initials "HL"). Size: 2 5/8" x 2" x 3/4" tall. Condition: small piece of gold missing to the front left of the box portion. The miniature shows a man, probably in his 30's, and a black dog looking up at him. No signature. Price: $1,750.00.

# 5564. A Fine and Rare Portrait Miniature by William Grimaldi. Mounted on a black lacquered board (size: 7" x 8.5"); portrait surrounded by a gilt metal frame of oak and acorn design. The portrait itself is 2.25" x 3". Signed on the left edge of portrait "Grimaldi" and dated "1807". Portrait ( as a young man) is of Henry Harris Tuckerman (1783-1860), father of Charles Keating Tuckerman (first Minister to Greece), grandfather of Fleming Tuckerman, and great grandfather of Arthur Lyman Tuckerman.

William Grimaldi (1751-1830) was an English miniature painter. Born in the parish of St Leonard's, Shoreditch, on 26 August 1751, he was son of Alexander Grimaldi and Esther Barton his wife, and great-grandson of Alessandro Maria Grimaldi, the heir and representative of the Genoese family of Grimaldi, who had settled in England after the bombardment of Genoa in 1684. Grimaldi was nephew of Thomas Worlidge, to whom in 1764 he was bound apprentice for seven years. He remained with Mrs. Worlidge after his uncle's death, and assisted in the publication in 1768 of Worlidge's Antique Gems. On completing his apprenticeship Grimaldi started life as a miniature-painter, working only in water-colours up to 1785, when he made some essays in enamel painting. From 1777 to 1783 he was in Paris. Watercolour miniature of Francis Russell, 5th Duke of Bedford by Grimaldi, after John Hoppner. He attracted the notice of Sir Joshua Reynolds, many of whose works, notably his Master Bunbury, Grimaldi copied in miniature; Reynolds recommended him to many persons of distinction, including the Prince of Wales and Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany. For the former he painted a miniature of Maria Fitzherbert, and for the latter a miniature of the duke, which was presented to the duchess Princess Frederica Charlotte of Prussia on their marriage. In 1790 he was appointed enamel painter to the Duke of York, in 1791 to the Duchess of York, and in 1804 to the Prince of Wales. Grimaldi was a frequent exhibitor at the Royal Academy from 1786 to 1824. He practised in the country as well as in London, but in 1825 settled at 16 Upper Ebury Street, Chelsea, where he died 27 May 1830, and was buried in Bunhill Fields cemetery. In 1873 the Rev. A. B. Grimaldi published A Catalogue, Chronological and Descriptive, of the Paintings, Drawings, and Engravings by and after William Grimaldi, R.A., Paris, Enamel-Painter Extraordinary to George IV. Inquiries.

# 5731. A rare 18th century portrait miniature depicting "Madame Du Barry as a page" Du Barry was courtesan and official mistress of Louis XV. Size of miniature: 2.5" x 1.75"; size of frame: 3.75" x 3.5". The gold gilt brass frame appears to be contemporary with the miniature. Condition: showing normal signs of age; no cracks or significant loss of surface pigment. Inquiries.

# 5584. A fine portrait miniature of a young lady (Jane Tallboys Fleming) dated 1811. Sign on the back: "painted by Wi J Thomson Nov 1811 Edinburgh" This miniature is framed with a simple frame which is mounted on a fabric covered cardboard frame. The fabric which was probably velvet has lost most of its surface. Size: of the portrait is 2.25" x 2 5/8". William John Thomson was born in Savannah, Georgia 1771. His family migrated to England during the war of independence. In England Thomson learned to paint; he exhibited at The Royal Academy of Arts in 1795 and was considered for election to the Royal Academy in 1808. The subject of this portrait was an American. Thomson's works are in private collection and museums including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Price: $3,850.00.

# TJ9. A portrait miniature of Charles Keating Tuckerman. Former United States Ambassador to Greece. He was an American diplomat, author and the first American minister resident to Greece. Born March 11, 1827 in Boston. Died Feb. 26, 1896 in Florence, Italy. Married to Mary Fleming. One child: Arthur Lyman Tuckerman. Parents: Henry Harris Tuckerman and Ruth Lyman Keating. Nominated to his post as minister by President Andrew Johnson. This portrait: on a board behind the portrait "Charles Keating Tuckerman Taken in Canton on rice paper by a native artist about 1853" Frame size: 6 1/8" x 5 1/8". Miniature size in the frame is 3.5" x 2.5". Condition: reasonable considering its age. We have no information about the circumstances of Mr. Tuckerman's reason for being in Canton, China. Inquiries.

# 4539. Saint Sebastian . . . has been represented in art since around 550 CE. - my Sebastian is a torso which is 20.5" tall and 19" across. The pedestal is 10.25" tall and is an equilateral triangle - 21" on each side. The figure sits on a mirrored top. Two arrows pierce the torso. Composed of hundreds of clear 19th century crystals with two red crystals under the insertion point of the two arrows. The arrows pierce through the figure. A light source mounted inside the pedestal is an LED programmable light which has the ability of changing to 15 different colors and is operated by a remote control. In a dark room, this figure is mesmerizing. Price: $3,500.00.

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