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The Drawing Room of Newport Antiques.

Including draperies, clothing, tapestries, and textile related elements {valances, bed crowns, drapery rods} etc...

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#TAP1. A small Petit point embroidery depicting a young boy holding a bird nest. Size 13" x 16". Age: early 19th century. The barefoot lad is standing in a wooded glade and is framed with foliage. Condition: some signs of minor wear and fading consistent with use and age. Price: $450.00.

# 5816. A collection of early 20th century tapestries from the firm of Herter Looms. From the Alexander van Rensselar home - "Villalou" located in Middletown Rhode Island. Built in 1860 and the grand hall was updated around 1905 to include a custom made wall treatment depicting what appears to be a 16th century court scene. There are several pieces in this collection. Condition: mostly in good usable / stable condition. Some minor tears and loosening of seams. The white numbers on the photos relate to this key: #1 Size is 12' long by 82" tall with a little curving on one end, the true squared size is 106" x 82". #2 is angled for a stairway: 20' x 4.5'. # 3 a rectangular bordered panel 13' x 87" with 2 small vertical panels app. 30" x 7' and 30" x 8'. These pieces were upholstered to the walls and staircase. Albert Herter was the son of interior decorator and furniture maker Christian Herter. Christian founded Aubusson Looms in NYC which became Herter Looms in 1908. A selection of similar tapestries (titled The Great Crusade) are on exhibit at the Cranbrook Art Museum. Inquiries.

# 5974. An early 19th century needlework picture depicting a Colonial soldier resting with two maids in conversation. Size: (frame) is 27.5" x 24" and the oval textile is 14" tall and 18" wide. Condition: no apparent restorations, perhaps a little fading. Not sure if the faces have been replaced, they appear to be paper. Price: $950.00.

# 5503. A Beaux Arts Herter Bros. rosewood three panel folding screen, circa 1895, with pastoral panels created by the firm of William Baumgarten & Company. William Baumgarten was the managing director of Herter Bros. prior to 1891 but left and started his own company after securing the manufacturing rights to produce Gobelins tapestries in the U.S. (active between 1893-1910). The marriage of Baumgarten and Herter Bros. in this screen results in this magnificent three panel rosewood screen. The firm of Baumgarten was located at 321 5th Avenue in New York City. When these tapestries were woven, the cost per section was between $500.00 and $1,000.00 which translates in today's dollars between $11,000.00 and $22,000.00 each. Examples of Baumgarten tapestries can be seen in museums including The Metropolitan Museum in New York. Size: 76.5" tall and 90" wide. Each rosewood panel is signed "Herter Bros" on the underside. Condition: Splits to the beige velvet panel on the back side and a split to the Aubusson panel on the right side. Scuffs and mars to the rosewood frame consistent with use and age. Price: $14,500.00

A six panel Zuber & Cie 'screen'. Each panel is 72" tall and 19" wide. A pastoral view in the foreground, a river with classical buildings on the other embankment . Condition: stains, tears consistent with use and age. Late 19th century. Mounted on six individual wood panels. Price: $6,500.00.



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