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# 7119. An American Empire-Gothic Armoire. Rosewood, interior birds-eye maple. Circa 1840. Size: 93" tall x 60" wide and 20" deep. Consistent from the workshop of Joseph Meeks and Sons of New York City. Purchased before WWII at a local Newport, RI auction by Col. Holmes for his mansion (The Castle) on Greenough Place in Newport. The Col. furnished the home because he rented apartments to local Newporters. Condition: The rosewood veneer should be "reworked" to bring out the beauty of the wood. Each door had three hinges of which one is missing. There is a hinge at the top and bottom of the door. The lock is intact, we have no key and the handle on the right door is modern. Over the decades we have purchased several pieces from "The Castle" including Empire pieces of note. Price: $3,950.00

# 5921. An American Cottage Gothic console table. Circa 1860. Walnut. Size: 21" deep x 37.5" wide x (the top) is 33" tall and the back is 41.5" tall. Condition: split to the font right section of the base. The entire top lifts off the pedestal base. Simple but nicely detailed with no losses. May not be the original finish. Price: $1,200.00.

# 5316. A pair of French Gothic Style Candelabras. Charles X era: circa 1815-1820. Size: The base is 6" across, 27" tall and the candleholders are 13" across. Condtion: patina original and in excellent condition; missing all the candle bobeches (if there were any). A smiliar pair is pictured in a room in Schloss Rosenau. A letter on file with us from Dr. Matthias Memmel, curator of the Rosenau Museum, informed us that the pair in the museum were purchase by Duke Ernst I between 1807 and 1815. "But Rosenau was remodelled in the Neo-Gothic style by Duke Ernst I between 1808 and 1817. Many items of furniture were purchase in Vienna. But Duke Ernst I loved to buy in France, too." We are attributing the pair as French made. Price for the pair is: $15,000.00.

# 5910. Pictured is one of a pair of American Gothic Revival side chairs. Size: the seat is 16" off the ground and the height to the top of the back is 45" tall. Condition: re-upholstered; the back finials may not be original; scuffs to the legs consistent with use and age. A Philadelphia or New Jersey attribution. There is a similar example of this form in the Yale University Art Museum. Price for the pair is $725.00.

# 5721. A pair (2) of 19th century Gothic Revival side chairs. Circa 1830-45. Rosewood over mahogany. Size: the seat is 14" off the floor and the back to the crest is 41" tall. Condition: original upholstery foundation and possibly the original upholstery; on one of the chairs the bottom center fretwork element has a loss. The finish appears to be original. These chairs are either American or French (Charles X). An identical chair is in the collection of The Yale University Art Museum. Price for the pair is $1,200.00.

# 5809. An Engligh Gothic Knight Salt Glazed Ridgway Pitcher. Marked: "M Published by W. Ridgway, Son & Co. Hanley September 1, 1840 4" Size is 10.75" tall. The overall color is a light putty/gray color. Condition: no chips, cracks or restorations. High relief Mediaeval jousting knights on horses, Gothic arches and foliate banding create this 1840 interpretation of a bygone era. This pitcher came in various sizes and we belive that this is the largest of this form. We have had different sizes over the decades. Price: $495.00.

# 5810. An English Salt Glazed pottery pitcher in the Gothic Style. Marked: "Registered March 17th 1842 (43) by Charles Meigh" size is 9" tall. Condtion: good old spout repaired otherwise no chips, cracks or glaze imperfections. Price: $345.00.

# 5812. An Engligh Wedgwood Salt Glazed Gothic style pitcher. Early 19th century. Size: 7.75" tall to the top of the handle and 8.25" wide from spout to handle. Conditon: without issue. Marked "Wedgwood." Putty ground wiht raised gothic and floral decorations. Six panels depict in white classical figures in gowns. This is a rare form seldom seen on the market. Price: $395.00.

# 5811. An Engligh Ridgway ceramic Gothic covered pitcher. 8.5" tall. Marked: "Published by W. Ridgway Son & Co. September 1, 1840." Pale blue salt glazed pottery with a pewter lid which is marked "Dixon & Son" Gothic design elements with two knights riding in a jousting contest. This form and decoration came in progressive sizes. This size was fitted with a lid and was probably used for milk. Conditon: tiny yellow staining on the entire surface probably caused by iron in the clay mix. Price: $450.00.

# 5769. An American Gothic Revival Octagonal Library or Anthenaeum Table. Circa 1845-50. Black Walnut. Size: 29.5" tall and 46.5" across and point to point is 50.5". "Library tables thus became an increasingly popular form during the Gothic Revival period. . ." the pictured "table is one of a group of octagonal examples that were probably made in New York about 1845-50. The most elaborate of these tables, which is now installed in The American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, came from the library of the Frederic Deming House in Newburgh, New York. That table uniquely features an unusually elaborate base and an inset circular specimen marble top, which may be original. . . all the other tables in this group are of essentially the same form, although they vary both in size and in the exact program of Gothic decoration." * Our table features 4 drawers with period Sandwich Glass pulls. The drawers are maple. This is the simplest form of this table, but it is still a rare form. Price: $5,500.00.

# 5403. A rare pair of English Gothic "Chimney Ornaments". Used to protect a ladies make-up from the heat of the fireplace. Circa 1830-1840. "The shafts are telescopic, and each contains a folded silk sheet which opens out to make a small circular screen (14" diameter). The brass mounts were fitted into the top of the shaft."Maker: Underneath the foot is a label which reads 'B. Days' patent chimney ornaments to represent Gothic architecture are so constructed that they may be used for fire-screens, flower or scent jars, time-piece cases, candle-shades and various useful purposes. Manufactured by Patentee, Snow Hill, Birmingham. Appointed manufacturer to His Majesty. The portability and elegance of these fire-screens give them decided preference to all others'. Size: closed: 23" tall; extends to 37" tall and the fan is 14" in diameter which when fully extended the total height is 50" tall. Condition: each has a lable from the manufacturer on the underside. The fans are in extremely fragile condition. These are museum quality objects. Information can be viewed online via the Victoria and Albert Museum in London England at: V & A Chimney Fans where they show an identical object (without the paper fan) with a gilt metal base. The fans in our example depict oriental motifs. Price for the pair is $2,950.00.

# 5311. A pair (2) of Rococo/Gothic parlor chairs. Circa 1845-65. Black Walnut. H.37" tall. W.16". D.15". Attributed to Klauder & Deginter, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Two nearly identical examples where exhibited The Philadelphia Antiques Show 2005 Loan Exhibit "Vaulting Ambition" Gothic Revival in Philadelphia 1830-60. There is also a nearly identical example at the Metropolitan Museum of art American wings decorative arts visual library. A similar pair of chairs is pictured on page 27 (No.43) of The Gothic Revival Style in America. 1830-1870. written by Katherine S. Howe and David B. Warren for an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston in 1976. Described in the catalogue: "Rococo Revival forms blend with and in some cases overwhelmed Gothic ornament as evinced in this side chair, one of four that were once in the same parlor. Heavy cabriole legs, a serpentine seat, and foliated back are obvious Rococo elements in the chair, while the vestigial crockets and mildly arched back with arches and trefoil drops above the seat recall the Gothic. Here is a chair that clearly combines elements from the two revivals." Our pair display slight variations of the chair in the exhibit, but undoubtedly came from the same workshop. From a Philadelphia home. Condition: original seat, foundation; split (as shown in the detailed images) in the center of the carved back of one of the chairs. Sturdy and the needlepoint is in excellent condition. Price: $950. the pair.

# 5297. A French Gothic Mantle Clock. Bronze: Mercury Gilt and dark bronze patina. Size: 5" x 10" x 21.25". Chimes (striking a bell) on the hour and half hour. In operating condition. Price $6,500.00.

# 5044. A three piece set of American Girandoles. Commonly called the Bigelow Chapel Model manufactured by the William Shaw Company of Boston. Fully marked in the bronze back with the name, address and patent date. The single candle Girandoles are 14" tall mounted on an Egyptian Marble base which is 3.5" x 6.25". The Three arm unit is 16.25" tall on the same size and type of marble base. The prisms appear to be period to the Girandoles are are consistent with original material. The prisms are commonly referred to as "interlocking C and star" prisms as described by H. Parrott Bacot in his book titled "Nineteenth Century Lighting" and this model girandole is pictured on page 188 of that book. Condition: slight discoloration to the gold gilt work of the chapel sections with more gold gilt wear to the prism supports and candle cups. All in all, this is a rare set of Girandoles in good condition. There are no repairs to the metalwork or marble. The prisms have small flakes consistent with use and age. There are no prisms missing. Each has a double button. The markings on the back state: "W. F. Shaw 174 Wash St. Boston Patent Dec 18, 1849" Shaw was located at 270 Washington Street in Boston from 1848 to 1851. We don't know when he was at 174 Washington Street: before or after the 270 address. We sold a similar set to The Rhode Island School of Design Museum a number of years ago and similar examples exist in the Sleep Hollow Restorations Collection and other important private and public collections. Price: $1,950.00 the set.

# 5116. Pictured is one of a pair of 19th century Carcel Lamps in the Gothic Style. Mid 19th century. Size: 6" across; 16" tall to the top of the burner and app. 24" tall to the top of the chimney. The footed figural base is gold painted pot metal. The lamp is stamped brass. These lamps may have had mechanical interior works; they now function as kerosene lamps with a kerosene burner. We believe that they have been kerosene lamps for a long time. The matching glass ball shades appear to be period. The footed bases probably date from around 1870 while the lamps themselves date 20 years earlier. The lamps have tin fitted base covers while the rest is stamped brass. This is a very rare decor for a Carcel lamp. Country of origin, probably France. Price $3,500.00 the pair.

An Exhibition Catalogue titled: The Gothic Revival Style in America, 1830-1870. Written by Katherine. S. Howe and David B. Warren with an introduction by Jane. B. Davies for the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. April 1 through June 6, 1976. 101 pages; first (and only) edition limited to 2500 copies. app. 195 photos with full descriptions as displayed in the Museum. A few are in color, most are black and white. As a reference book, this is very helpful to the dealer in American Decorative Arts and to a Gothic Collector, it is invaluable. Condition: excellent with no mark, marks, torn or folded or missing pages. Embossed interior page with the name of a private library emboss: "Library of John Stephen Hullaney" . Price: $250.00 including shipping in the Continental U.S.A.

# 4466. A Napoleon III Gothic Table Gallery {Frame}. Ormoulu Bronze with inset Champlevé decor; silver metal Sphinx. The Sphinx as depicted here is a monster of Greek mythology, with the head of a woman and the body of a lioness that proposed riddles to travellers and strangled those who could not solve them. Three Sphinx guard the footed base of this Table Gallery. Probably French, c. 1850-60. Size: 6.5" across and 7" tall. Opening {16" across} to reveal eight frames, each 2.25" x 3.25" in size. Condition: wear to the gilt surface consistent with use and age. Minor enamel loss. The finest quality workmanship. Unsigned except for various scribed numbers. The figures are solid silver. Price: $3,500.00.



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