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# 5855. A Grand Tour Garden Seat. From the workshop of Raffaele Vaccarella in Naples Italy. Late 19th century. The base is marbelized; four lion heads and paws with a granite glaze support the 'pillow' cushion; a hand painted view of cherubs and a goat are depicted on the cushion. Size: 14" across and 18" tall. Condition: several chips and surface losses; cracks to the cushion surface. This is a rare example of Italian Art Pottery. We had a matched pair several years ago that were sold to a London Antiques dealer. There is a pair of similar garden seats in The Preservation Society house museum, Chateau Sur Mer, on Bellevue Avenue in Newport, RI. Price: $7,500.00.

#6073. A pair of Grand Tour cast bronze urns from The Barbedienne Foundry - called "The Townley Vase". The Townley vase is a large Roman marble vase of the 2nd century CE, discovered in 1773 by the Scottish antiquarian and dealer in antiquities Gavin Hamilton in excavting a Roman villa at Monte Cagnolo between Genzano and Civita Lavina near the ancient Lanuvium in Lazio southeast of Rome. The ovid vase has volute handles in the manner of a pottery krater. It is carved with deep frieze in bas-relief occuping most of the body illustrating a Bacchanalian procession. In the 19th century it was often imagined that Keats' "Ode on a Grecian Urn" (1819) was inspired by the Townley Vase. This pair is 14.5" tall with a base of 4.5" and 9" wide at the widest; weighing in at 31 lbs for the pair. Original patina. Price: $4,500.00 the pair.

Offering a copy (cast by Caproni of Boston: early 20th century) of a section of the Luca della Robbia Cantorie. His first documented commission was the Cantoria (Singing Gallery (1431-1438) for the organ loft of the Cathedral of Florence. During the 7 years it took della Robbia to carve the reliefs under the supervision of Brunelleschi, his style developed. While the earliest carved panels are fairly symmetric and lack movement, in later panels the movement of the singers becomes much more evident and dynamic. The Singing Gallery shows children singing, dancing, and making music to "praise the Lord" in the words of Psalm 150. Their figures are at once lively, finely observed, and gracefully combined in groups designed to fit the then panels of the gallery. The advanced nature of the work has been seen to establish Luca della Robbia's skill in stone as well as secure his place as a major Florentine artist and student of Renaissance naturalism. Most museums in the U.S. have Caproni cast pieces in their collection. The size of this piece is 38" x 39" and is 7" deep. Condition. Scuffs consistent with age. No cracks. From a private home in Jamaica Plains, Ma. The firm of Caproni (Boston, Ma) was allowed to make life casts of hundreds of famous and well known marble works of art. Price: $2,750.00.

# 4626. A bronze statue of a Classical Male. Artist: Louis Rochet. 19th century. Size: 17.5" tall. Base footprint: 5.25" x 7.25". Condition: the horns are bent and the surface has been patinated a long time ago with what appears to be gold paint. Inscribed: "To Professor Harry Burnes Hutchins Retiring Associate Dean as a token of love and respect from the members of the Cornell University School of Law 1894-95." Information about this fine French Sculptor is as follows: b Paris, 24 Aug 1813; d Paris, 21 Jan 1878). French sculptor and anthropologist. Rochet studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris under Pierre-Jean David d’Angers, but withdrew from the Prix de Rome competition to pursue Oriental languages (especially Chinese) and natural history, at the same time providing models for commercial sculpture. He returned to monumental sculpture in 1838 and followed the example of David d’Angers in sculpting commemorative statues for the provinces, such as Marshal Drouet d’Erlon (bronze, 1844–9; Reims, Place de la Couture). Rochet distinguished himself in the costumed pageantry of figures from earlier French history, such as the equestrian William the Conqueror (bronze, 1846–51; Falaise, Hôtel de Ville), the Marquise de Sevigné (bronze, 1857; Grignan) or Charlemagne Accompanied by Roland and Olivier (bronze, 1853–67; erected 1878, Paris, Place du Parvis Notre Dame). The most popular of these historical re-creations was Napoleon Bonaparte as a Student at Brienne (plaster, exh. Salon, 1853; marble, exh. Exposition Universelle, 1855; bronze, 1855, erected 1859; Brienne, Hôtel de Ville). The bronze monument to Don Pedro I of Brazil (1855–62; Rio de Janeiro) involved Rochet in anthropological and zoological research, as its granite base was enriched by sculptures of groups of natives and local fauna, symbolizing South American rivers. A historicizing approach to style, first used by Rochet in his colossal bronze Notre Dame de Myans, erected near Chambéry in 1855, re-emerged in a later series of Classical subjects, initiated by the ‘Archaic’ Minerva (plaster, gilded bronze and silver plated, exh. Salon 1864). Signature inscribed on the plateau base. Price: $3,500.00.

# 5227: A pair (2) of Antique 19th century Italian Grand Tour Candelabras. Bronze. Probably made in Rome or Naples. Each is app. 12" tall; base is 4.5" across. Sitting on three paw feet supporting a platter with 4 Roman recessed 'coin' medallions inturn supporting a two arm candle holder topped with a male nude figure: one Baccus and the other a cymbal player. Signed with the initials: A.D. and a star. Condition: the threaded rod holding the candelabra together has probably been replaced; there may or may not have been candle cup inserts (candles fit and are supported very well in the candle holders).There are tiny white paint spatters on the candelabras that should be easy to remove; the medallion pans: one seems to be lighter that then other suggesting that it was cleaned at one time. These candelabras are beautifully detailed with Neo-Grec decorations. Of the scores of Italian Grand Tour objects over the years, this is the first pair of candelabras in this style and decoration that we have come across. Price: $3,500.00 the pair.

# 4472. A dated 1830 Antique Portrait Bust. Signed on the bust in large script: "R. Trentanove Fece Roma 1830". Size: 26 1/2" tall and 16" wide. Material: Carrara Marble. Condition: minor edge flakes to the toga; multiple tiny paint splatters to the surface; the sockel was neatly broken into and reglued. Please see detailed images below. This handsome classical portrait bust in typical of the era (1830's). Probably commissioned as a portrait bust by the sitter. In storage in a Newport warehouse since about 1925. Raimondo Trentanove, Italian 1792-1832; Initially a pupil of De Maria and Bartolini, Trentanove worked in Rome in close partnership with Canova. There he was involved in the execution of numerous works in his master's style, including direct copies after Canova, antique sculpture and portrait busts. Amongst the latter there exists a fine marble of Canova himself, now in the Galleria d'arte Moderna, Milan. Another version of the present impressive memorial bust of Napoleon may be found in the Museo del Risorgimento, Faenza. This portrait bust was completed two years before Trentanove's death in 1832. In the exhibition catalogue: " Art and the Empire New York 1825, 1861 " Edited by Catherine Hoover Voorsanger and John K. Howat ( ISBN 0-87099-957-5 ) on page 137 is mentioned: "Also in 1824 the (American) Academy elected as honorary member the Italian Raimondo Trentanove, a favored pupil of Canova . . . an act calculated to emphasize the institution's connections to Europe and to counter criticism of American cultural provincialism."This link takes you to view a bust of "Buste de Laetitia Bonaparte" by Trentanove. This bust weighs 103 lbs. Price $30,000.00.

( A Trentanove bust of Napoleon sold recently at a Sothebys Auction for just over $53,000.00.

Information from a Sothebys Auction of a portrait bust by Trentanove of George Washington taking place in 2005: LOT 12 PROPERTY FROM THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY, ASTOR, LENOX AND TILDEN FOUNDATIONS RAIMONDO TRENTANOVE (1792-1832) GEORGE WASHINGTON 8,000—12,000 USD Lot Sold. Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium: $36,000 USD ; measurements height: 22.5 in. alternate measurements (57.2 cm) DESCRIPTION inscribed R. Trentanove. Fece. in Roma. 1824 white marble Executed in 1824. PROVENANCE Commissioned by James Lenox in Rome, 1824

# 5012. A pair of monumental Antique Grand Tour Carved Marble Urns. Each is 51" tall and the base is 12" in diameter. Made between 1840-50. Italian. The dark marble bases are made of Portoro Marble. This marble has been mined in La Spezia Italy since the 16th century. It is a hard calcareous rock with black and yellow streaks. The base is solid. The urns were made in several sections and cemented together with plaster. The opening at the top is 6" diameter on the inside of the foliate carving. We suspect that these pedestals were used as lamp holders. They could have easily have held either a candelabra or carcel or moderator lamps. Condition: there is evidence that there were foliate 'ears' on either side of each upper urn section. A hole has been filled. The base to one of the urns has had restoration. These urns bolt together. We do not know the type of white with black veins stone composes the urn sections. We do not believe that it is alabaster; the urns may be Arabesqued marble which was mined in the Apuan Alps in Italy. This type of Grand Tour item was purchased and shipped back home. From a Padenarum Mass. private residence of note. Price for the pair: $7,950.00.

# 4836. A Grand Tour Antique Roman Table Lamp. Late 19th century. A copy of a period Ancient Lamp from Rome. Bronze. Size: app. 14" tall; 5" across at the feet. Three hoofed feet each with ram head decoration support and foliate lower plinth in which a reeded and twisted column supports the oil font which has two wicks. Condition: The column is slightly bent; the oil font cover has a chain that is meant to be attached to the foliate crest: the chain link has been separated from the foliate crest. Signed: "L.CHIALI". Price: $1,650.00.

# 4223. Pictured is a watercolor att. to Moritz von Schwind. The image size is 14½" x 10¼". It is on paper. This work is a study for a mural. Schwind completed interior paintings for among other places the Vienna Opera House. The subject depicts Brunhilde & Siegfried. There was an exhibition at The National Gallery in Washington in 2001 titled: "Spirit of an Age" among other artist represented is quoted the following: "The exhibition features . . . two idealized canvases by Moritz von Schwind (1804-1871). In Von Schwind's The Rose, or The Artist's Journey (1846-1847), the painter fills the landscape with knights, maidens, and castles to evoke a medieval, fairytale mood." Brought out of Budapest in the 1950's. Price: $3,500.00

Item number 4221 is a pair (2) of 17th century Gothic carved wood figures in relief of two Saints. The figures are possibly from Central Europe; they were brought out of Hungary in the 1950's. Each is 7" wide and 18" tall. Originally polychromed. Paint and gesso loss and very fragile; worm holes. Very well carved. Price: $4,950.00 the pair.

#6088. A glass bowl and cup. Possibly early, prehaps ancient. Each of the two pieces has a museum of collectons #: the cup "C.G.1613" in red paint and the plate/bowl "C.G.1730" also in red paint. The bowl is a little shy of 9" across and it is about 2" tall; the cup is app. 2.75" across at the top and 2.5" tall. Condition: no cracks or edge losses; front and back, inside and outside there is a surface "sickness" to the glass creating a complex glaze consistent with age. The color of both of these pieces is pale gree. Those who know will recognize if these two pieces are old or reproductions. Inquiries welcome.



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