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# Maps2. A fold out map depicting: "Old Trinity and It's famous churchyard." Size: 20" wide and 11" tall. Condition: bright, little staining, fold lines. This map belonged to my Father's God Mother: Mary Catherine Magdalen Rose. I remember visiting her in the 1950's in New York where she lived at 507 West 140th Street. She raised Toy Brown Poons and won several blue ribbons over the decades. Her favorite was called Masher. Price: $150.00.

# Maps1. A fold out map depicting: "Panoramic View of the North Side of Forty-Second Street from Fifth to Lexington Avenues 1876". Size: 34" wide and 7.25" tall. Condition: bright, little staining, fold line. This map belonged to my Father's God Mother: Mary Catherine Magdalen Rose. I remember visiting her in the 1950's in New York where she lived at 507 West 140th Street. She raised Toy Brown Poons and won several blue ribbons over the decades. Her favorite was called Masher. Price: $150.00.

# 5971. A six panel Zuber & Cie 'screen'. Each panel is 72" tall and 19" wide. A pastoral view in the foreground, a river with classical buildings on the other embankment . Condition: stains, tears consistent with use and age. Late 19th century. Mounted on six individual wood panels. Price: $6,500.00.

Paper # 6. Pictured is one of 14 Civil War and Reconstruction era stock certificates. Titled: "The Proprietors of the City of Brunswick (GA)" Each is for 100 shares with a value of $100 for each share. The first dating 1860 through 1869. 11 have Tax Revenue stamps front and back; 2 have no revenue stamps and 1 has a revenue stamp on the back. Sold as a collection. Size: 6.5" x 10". Condition: multiple folds and minor edge tears. The seals are faintly embossed and are not evident on some of the certificates. Sold as a collection: price is $600.00 for the 14.

Paper # 4. A steel engraving of Cornelia Beekman. {Cornelia Beekman 22 Dec 1711, Kingston NY } Engraved on paper 10.5" x 7". Image size 4.5" x 4". Titled with fascimile signature. Age: mid 19th century. Probably cut from a book. Condition: uneven cut from the left side; darkening at the top of the paper. No folds. Price: $50.00 plus Priority mail shipping of $4.00 in the U.S.

Paper # 5. A steel engraving of Frazar Augustus Stearns, who fell in the battle of Newbern, March 14th 1862, was born in Cambridge, Mass., on the 21st day of June, 1840, and was twenty-one. Title: "Frazar A. Stearns Mass Vol." Size of paper: 7" x 10.5". Cut from a book. Condition: some foxing around the outer edges. Price: $50.00 plus Priority Mail shipping of $4.00 in the U.S.

Paper 3. A portrait of a person of note. Either an actor or painter. Subject unknown. Came to us from the Birckhead Collection about 20 years ago. Size: app. 8" x 10.5". Condition: not much contrast, this may be a full negative proof. Age: late 19th century. Inquiries.

BK3. A Secession Era Folio. Titled: "Neue Ideen Für Modernen Schmuck" "Herausgegeben von René Beauclair" "Im Verein Mit André Petitjean, Jules Armbruster, Paul Liénard, Emile Jammes, Paul F. Follot" "24 Taflen" "Verlag von Jul. Hoffmann Stuttgart" The previous quoted items are the listing on the interior cover page. inner folio cover stamp: "William Hepburn Importer & Publisher 10 E. 16th Street N.Y." This is a loose leaf folio. I would date this folio around 1905. There are 30 either monochrome (one color against cream paper) or polychrome pages. There are some duplicate numbers. I have pictured several. Size of the interior pages: 10" x 13.5"; the exterior folio is slightly larger. Condition: soiled outer cover with a crease mark in the bottom right edge; tying ribbons intact; corner edge creases to many pages and some top edge staining. Price for this collection is: $1,000.00.

Item # B 1. A rare folio of photo engravings from the "L'Art Decoratif aux Salons de 1906": The Decorative Arts Salon of 1906. Size: app. 7.75" x 11.75" (page size, outer folio a little larger. Condition: there are about 105 pages and there must be several missing, there are 154 pages listed in the index, the outer folio covers are stained and fragile, the existing pages (this is a loose leaf assembly of pages) have minor tears and edge staining, but for the most part the images are clean. It seems that two organizations were listed: Society des Artistes Francais, Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts. The Editor was Armand Guerinet. Pictured are works by (among others): Gaston Bigard, Paul-Emile Brandt, Boutet de Monvel, Gaston, Charlet, Mile Flore Herbin, Gaston Charlet, Maurice Delanney, Auguste Fourain, Paul Hesbert, R. Petit, Victor Lhuer, A. Quenard, E. Quentin, Mile S. Rabant, L.C. Tiffany, Taxile Doat, Michel Cazin, Camille Gueyton, etc. This folio came out of a Newport Rhode Island private library and was probably purchased at the time of its printing for that library here in Newport. The pages are suitable for copying and would make a wonderful reprint for designers and decorative arts educators. Most of the plates are of jewelry. There are only about 10 Tiffany items pictured. The plates are one sided. Price: $750.00.

Here is a photo take in the late 19th century. When you click on the above image it take you to a site to view a group of young women who pose for a studio portrait. Perhaps a church group. A few years ago this platinum print was described as possibly the Christian Endeavor Society of the Central Congregational Church of Fall River, Mass. The thought was that this image include Lizzie Borden. We still have never been able to confirm that notation. Various scholars of note have debated the subject of this photo. The pencil notation "Gay" was the leading photography studio of Fall River and the style and pencil signature is consistent with the era of this mounting. This image was found in storage in a Fall River home and purchased around 1984-85. We did receive a signed letter from a noted authority on Lizzie Borden in which they stated: "I have little doubt that the figure at the lower right, middle row is Lizzie Borden." "It was her official duty as treasurer of that society (Christian Endeavor Society of the Central Congregational Church) that kept her from going to Marion with friends on the fatal day of August 4, 1892." "At the time of the murders, and later at the trial, there was never any reference made to a Lizze look-alike." A number of years ago The Fall River Historical Society had a different opinion and declined to authenticate the image. Inquiries?

Offering books by Drawing Room Antiques Gallery Owners Federico Santi & John Gacher

Newport Mansions Postcards of the Gilded Age by Federico Santi & John Gacher

ISBN: 0-7643-2497-7. Library of Congress Control Number 2006924184. This paperback book features over 200 Gilded Age early 20th century post cards of Newport with views of the Mansions, Cliff Walk, Newport public and private beaches and famed shopping area Bellevue Avenue. Most of the pictures are in full color. "Newport, Rhode Island, nicknamed "The Queen of Resorts." has been celebrated in beautiful postcard portrayals for over a hundred years. Today, these vintage cards illuminate the glories of the Gilded Age, when huge mansions or "cottages" built by competing industrialists blossomed along Bellevue Avenue and The Cliff Walk, turning a once-quiet New England watering hole into the apex of Nouveau riche destinations." Newport, Rhode Island, nicknamed "the Queen of Resorts," has been celebrated in beautiful postcard portrayals for over a hundred years. Today, these vintage cards illuminate the glories of the Gilded Age, when huge mansions or "cottages" built by competing industrialists blossomed along Bellevue Avenue and the Cliff Walk, turning a once-quiet New England watering hole into the apex of nouveau riche destinations. Information about the second edition: This updated and expanded second edition features over 200 period images of the mansions, the beautiful beaches, and the shopping areas where the Newport Summer Colony gathered to do what they did best: spend money. See how Newport was forever changed by the prolific growth of "cottages" during the late nineteenth century. Today, many of these testaments to power and wealth are house museums, where thousands visit annually to see firsthand how the rich and famous lived. Includes a guide to postcard values and collector tips.

Zsolnay CeramicsCollecting A Culture

ISBN: 0-7643-0534-4 Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 98-85061."Zsolnay Ceramics Collecting a Culture" with price guide: "This beautifully illustrated guide to Zsolnay ceramics featuring over 400 color photographs, cover the three main periods of Zsolnay production, including 1868 to 1897-Folklorism, Historicism, Victorian Eclecticism; 1897 to 1920-Art Nouveau (Secession in Central European terms) and Art Deco (Second Secession); 1920 to the present-Modernism. An entire chapter; fully illustrated is also devoted to Zsolnay marks to help collectors identity their pieces." This book is 191 pages and is a large format hard cover. The over 400 color photos detail Zsolnay by size, form number, date of production and current market value. Price: $49.95 + shipping.

Art Nouveau Ironwork ofAustria Hungary

Book Details ISBN: 0764324365 ; Authors: Federico Santi and John Gacher. Size: 8 1/2" x 11" Illustrations: 500 color photos Pages: 240 Availability: Now Available Binding: Hard Cover Book Description The streets of Budapest, Hungary, and Vienna, Austria, are rich in masterpieces of Art Nouveau ironwork. Around nearly every corner of the residential districts and business hubs of these great cities, architectural treasures wait to be appreciated by the discerning eye. 500 vivid photos show the many, varied interpretations of Art Nouveau forms used in balustrades and balconies, lanterns and gates, doorways, elevator door façades, and more. This book will inspire many to make new travel plans and will delight everyone with a passion for beautiful decorative ironwork. Explanations of the settings discuss the details and decorative motifs associated with the various ironwork objects illustrated, and detailed photographs enhance the reader's understanding and appreciation. A bibliography is included. Quotes: Midwest Book Review--California Bookwatch (Nov. 2006) ...An excellent history of an outstanding survey of ironwork art covers--a region given little attention elsewhere. Price $49.95 plus shipping. For order details, just click on the image of the book above.

"Newport, RI Snapshots: A Study Guide

Late 19th century & early 20th century photos of

The "Cottages" The Point, The Hill, and Broadway"

Written by Federico Santi

"Newport, RI Snapshots: a Study Guide" introduces the reader to historic 19th and early 20th century Newport through photographs. Collected by the author, Federico Santi, over the past 30 years, this book showcases Newport’s ‘Cottages,’ The Point and Hill neighborhoods and Broadway, one of Newport’s business streets. Each photo is left without notation and leaves it up to the reader to research the name of the buildings and locations. Over 100 images create a visual history of Newport over the decades and the ups and downs of this historical “City by the Sea.”

Available on Amazon:ISBN: 9781717271600

"Newport, RI Snapshots: a Study Guide-Part 2

Late 19th and early 20th century photos of

Downtown Newport"

Written by Federico Santi

Part 2 of "Newport, RI Snapshots: a Study Guide" introduces the reader to historic downtown Newport through late 19th and early 20th century photographs. Collected by the author over the past 30 years, this book showcases images of a vibrant commercial downtown including Thames Street, the wharfs, Washington Square and the businesses that were the backbone of this historic "City by the Sea." As a study guide, each photo is left without a notation and the author leaves it up to the reader to research the name of the buildings and locations. Over 100 images plus scores of advertisements from the 1869-70 and 1874-75 City directories tell the story of Newport through the decades. Many of these photographs have never been published because snapshots were meant to be kept in personal photo albums to be viewed by family members.

Available from Amazon: ISBN: 9781706400417

"Antique Lighting

Table Lamps from the 19th Century

The Drawing Room Antiques

Written by Federico Santi and John Gacher

"Antique Lighting: Table Lamps from the 19th century" showcases candelabras, Argand, Sinumbra, Solar, Carcel, Moderator, gas and kerosene fixtures. The Drawing Room Antiques in Newport, RI presents dozens of examples currently in inventory with descriptions including materials, sizes, and prices. This book can also be used as a reference book for beginning collectors of 19th century table lamps. Historic interiors commonly use period lighting to enhance the authentic style being created. Rare examples are often viewed in historic homes across America starting with the White House in Washington. Room settings in museums depicting 19th century decorating styles feature period table lamps because they were critical to families to provide light for evening activities. The range of innovative lighting mechanisms during the 19th century is showcased in this volume

Available from Amazon: ISBN: 9781070164403

"FSU Salad Days

Idealism and Innocence in the late 1960's

A Photographic Journey

Written by Photographer Federico Santi

“FSU Salad Days” tells the story of a young man and the beginning of his life’s journey in the late 1960’s. As a photo major and school newspaper photographer at Florida State University, he photographed demonstrations, famous popular entertainment personalities, sporting events, and everyday life at his school. In this book, less than two years of photography is condensed to 160 pages of images. Journey with him during America’s tumultuous era as he sought a path to his future through the photos he took. Negatives saved over half a century reignite memories of this photographers Salad Days.

Available on Amazon: ISBN: 9781689795258

"Past Tense

A Photographic Journey


Written by Federico Santi

Past Tense explores the journey of one person from 1967 to 1973; a photographer caught up in the turmoil surrounding his late college years leading to public service as a VISTA Volunteer and beyond. The black and white images taken almost 50 years ago give an insight into a young persons experiences with chapters reflecting people and places that altered his life forever.

Available on Amazon: ISBN: 9781537124810

"Newport Naval Training Station

A Postcard History

Written by Federico Santi

In the late 19th century, at the site of an old asylum for the poor on Coaster’s Harbor Island off the city of Newport, Rhode Island, local residents made a decision that would change American military history forever: they proposed that the 90-acre Island become a U.S. Naval Training Center. Postcards and other artifacts document physical changes over time, activities of enlisted trainees, and images of stationed ships. A detailed history unfolds through historical documents, 19th century newspapers, and detailed images. The metamorphosis of Newport, Rhode Island into today's vibrant city is revealed. Development of the Newport Naval Training Station, still in use as Naval Station Newport and The Navy War College, waxed and waned with political forces and both world wars. Postcard images show all facets of life on the base: from the mundane, like washing clothes, to the serious, like drilling, sham battles, artillery training, signal training, and life aboard the battleship USS Constellation.

Available from Schiffer Pub. and Amazon: ISBN: 9780764343230

"VISTA Redux: 1969 A Year in the Life of a Volunteer"

by Photographer Federico Santi.

This book has been created because of events that happened almost 50 years ago. A nation at war, a youth culture in revolution, a young photographer trying to find his path in life—all collided at a point in time called V.I.S.T.A. Volunteers in Service to America was created as part of the war against poverty by allowing volunteers to serve in a community where they could effect change for a neighborhood, as well as effect change in the way they looked at themselves. We came from all walks of life and different parts of the country: New York, Massachusetts, California, North Dakota, New Jersey; we were a melting pot of mostly college kids in our early twenties. As volunteers, we established how we would fulfill our year of service, and then followed a daily routine, working as teachers, mentors, assistants, daycare workers, etc. 333 Pages.

Available from AMAZON: ISBN: 9781535435925

"Newport Cottages Halcyon Days"

Photographs of The Gilded Age When

Newport Rhode Island was The Social Capital of America"

Written by Federico Santi

# 7000. "Newport Cottages Halycon Days" tells the story of America's Favorite resort during the Gilded Age. Over 100 photos dating from 1880-1920 document Newport's architectural gems, many still standing today. Particularly noteworthy are dozens of never-published photos taken between 1885-1915 by Newport photographer Clarence Stanhope. Also reproduced are over 100 advertisements selling goods to the Bellevue Avenue elite and stunning engravings from magazines catering to an American public eager to learn more about the rich and famous who summered in their Newport Cottages. 137 Pages.

Available from AMAZON: ISBN: 9798711487951 - also available from The Drawing Room Antiques located at 152 Spring Street, Newport, RI 02840 Price: $20.00.



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