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# 7118. A wax military figure under glass. Pictured is a rare item purchased by Mrs. John Nicholas Brown, Harbor Court, Newport. Anne Seddon Kinsolving Brown (1906-1985) was an American historian, socialite, and collector of military memorabilia who married into the prominent Rhode Island Brown family, founders of Brown University. Anne Brown began collecting lead toy soldiers during the couple's year-long honeymoon trip to Europe in 1930. Eventually her interest expanded dramatically to a large collection of military memorabilia, which on her death became the "Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection. She was also an historian co-founding the Company of Military Historians in 1949. She wrote many book and article related to military history. Harbor Court today serves as the site of the New York Yacht Club. This piece was purchased from Christian M. Nebehay Antiques in Vienna Austria. Nebehay (1909-2003) was an Austrian art dealer, art collector and author. He became internationaly known in the art world for his works on Gustave Klimt and Egon Schiele. Artworks from Nebehay's gallery are exhibited at the world's most important museums today including (in America) the National Gallery of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. Mrs. Brown purchased this piece, probably along with many other items, and had all shipped to her home in Newport. Size of the frame is 23" x 17" and the wax figure is 12.5" x 6.5". Mrs. Brown probably purchased this piece around 1950-53. Age: Biedermeier era: 1820-1830. Condition, minor scuffs, the fabric has probably been replaced. A rare example of Newport's end of the "gilded age" history. POR.

#5777c. A reproduction Military shako. Age, early to mid 20th century. Condition: Good. Price: $375.00.

# RUSS. A museum copy of a Russian Imperial Guard helmut in the style of the late 19th century. Helmut for an office of the Tsar's horse guard.
Condition: good. Price: $1,750.00.

# 5335. A reproduction Prussian Helmut. Condition: the green interior leather like fabric is unattached from the back area. Price: $650.00.

# 5777A. A reproduction Napoleonic Shako in the style of c. 1812. This old replica was made in France. Size is approximately 7 1/8. Condition. Good. Price: $350.00.

# MIL 1. An Italian Imperial Breast Star: "Order of the Crown" " Eight pointed silver star. Center medallion portrays a gold crown withe blue background surrounded by a white band inscribed VICTORIUS EMMANUEL 11 REX ITALIAE MDCCCLXVI. Above this appears a crowned eagle bearing the arms of Savoy on its breast. Size: 80mm across. Condition: without issue. No hallmarks. Price: SOLD.

# 3922n. Oil on panel, signed: Imre Greguss (front and back), Hungarian, 1856-1910. A study for a mural. Titled: Prince Rakoczi in Transylvania. Fully documented. 9½" X 13½". Greguss specialized in paintings with a military theme and his works hang in the Military Museum in Budapest. Price: $3,850.00.

# 4092. An Imperial Hapsburg World War One docuemnt box. Hand carved wood. Circa 1916. The translation of the carved lettering is: "K & K Military Construction Administration" (The Corps of Engineers). Size: 17.75" x 14.5" x 4.25" > with the carving the box is 5.5" deep. Condition: minor losses to some of the raised carved wood decorations. Key included. Price: $2,500.00.

# 6081. A vintage Telephone: Imperial Era German Telephone: Fernsprechtischapparat OB 05. An impressive German telephone of the WWI era with two crank handles protruding from either side of the metal body. The body has a beautiful large Reichsadler transfer on each side. The body sits atop a wooden base with a corresponding wooden top which is stamped in several places. Impressed (among other notations) is the word Berlin. Several feet of cord is still attached to the base and the phone is complete. There is a small chip on the curved mouthpiece and there is a scratch on one side of the phone marring the transfer. . . .in storage in Newport for over half a century. We have not cleaned this item and do not intend to clean it. Price: $1,500.00.

# ink10. A German Military helmut inkwell. Size: 6cm x 8 cm x 8 cm tall. Condition: one small dent at "11 o'clock using the medal on the front of the cap for reference. Using the double headed eagle, you lift the helmut back to reveal the pottery ink pot. Circa 1900. in Latin on the medal: "Suum Quique" Price: $355.00.

# 5648. A pair of 19th century English 'Dummy Boards'. Representing "The Royal Horse Artillery -1832" and "The 17th Lancers -1832". Size: 40" tall and 20.5" wide. Material painted wood and metal base applications. Condition, without issue. From the estate of a noted Newport, RI interior decorator who purchase these items in London and had them shipped to Newport over 40 years ago. Price: $3,850.00 the pair.

# 6066. A Russian Bronze. circa 1881 (marked). Size: 15" long x 9" wide x 13.5" tall. Weighs 30 lbs. A male figure rides on a galloping horse (all four feet are off the ground). Great movement and detail in this statue. Attributed to Vasily Yakovlevich Grachev. Signed in Cyrillic. Foundry mark for Woerffel Foundry of St. Petersburg. Grachev was a competitor to E. Lanceray. He specialized in equestrian, hunting figures and sleigh sculptures. Original patina. In storage for 75 years. Price: $6,500.00.

# 5974. An early 19th century needlework picture depicting a Colonial soldier resting with two maids in conversation. Size: (frame) is 27.5" x 24" and the oval textile is 14" tall and 18" wide. Condition: no apparent restorations, perhaps a little fading. Not sure if the faces have been replaced, they appear to be paper. Price: $950.00.

# 6006 (a) Greek Order of the Redeemer. This order was instituted in 1829 in five classes. It consists of a white-enameled cross resting upon a wreath of oak and laurel enamelled green. The first four classes are in gold, and the fifth class is in silver. We believe that this is a first class order. Size: app. 47mm wide and cross to tip is 74 mm tall. Consition: without issue. Price: SOLD

# 5180. An Austro Hungarian Military Sword / scabbard. Late 19th century. Size: sword blade is 30" long and with the handle it totals 35.25" long. Marked on the sword Weyersberg & Stamm Solingen. Condition: the scabbard has leather loss at the back as shown in the detailed images. The blade appears to be either nickel silver or chrome. There is damascene design on both sides of the blade. There is hand etching on the scabbard and the sword "H-27". The blade has multiple nicks along the edge. Where the blade inserts into the handle: the felt is worn away. The sharkskin handle is intact with no holes and the wire holding the skin is intact and not loose. Price: $1,200.00.

#4482. Serbian Order of The White Eagle. Grand Officers Star and Badge. 2nd Model: 1903-1915. Size of the Star: 83mm x 88 mm. Condition: flake to the white enamel cross in the center. Material: gilt silver. Unmarked. Size of the Badge: 40mm x 88 mm. Condition: apparent repair to the blue enamel ribbon on both sides of the badge. The ribbon may be a replacement and it has been cut. Material: gilt silver. Unmarked. We attribute the maker as Huguenin Freres and Co. {Swiss}. No box and no documents. From a private collection. With the exception of the Order of St. Lazarus, which was worn only by the King, this was Serbia's highest order and was founded by King Milan I on February 22, 1882 as an award for outstanding civil or military merit. It came in five classes. This particular set was awarded for civil merit: there are no crossed swords above the eagle on the badge. SOLD

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