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Item # 7004. A portrait of Dr. Samuel Bradhurst III (1749-1826). He trained as a surgeon and during the American Revolution served at the Battles of Princeton and Brandywine. While attending the wounded in 1777, he was captured by the British and placed under house arrest. In 1799, he sold 20 acres in Harlem Heights to Alexander Hamilton on which he would build Hamilton Grange. Bradhurst was a friend of Alexander Hamilton and his wife, Mary, was a first cousin of Aaron Burr's wife, Theodosia. In an attempt to keep the two from duelling, Bradhurst secretly challenged Burr to a duel fought with swords days before the fateful encounter with Hamilton. Burr escaped unharmed while Bradhurst was wounded in the arm. It was rumored that he fought the duel with his wife's uncle's sword, that of General Maunsell. After the Revolution Dr. Bradhurst enter into the wholesale drug business with Josiah Hazard Field (d. 1806) and by 1804 was a member of the Legislature. Aside from his estate on Manhattan, Pinehurst, he owned land in New York City and Virginia. He had 5 children. A label on the back of the frame states: "From Frederick Keppel & Co. rare engravings and etchings No. 4 East 39th St New York. No. H1486" Frame size: 33" x 38" and canvas size: 25" x 30". Condition: scuffs, two punctures to the canvas, very dirty. . . .terrible but restorable condition. We will be listing the companion portrait of Dr. Bradhurst's wife. Inquiries.

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