Antique Shades from The Drawing Room

For Gas, Kerosene and Oil Lamps, Sconces and Chandeliers

Plus Parts for Gas and Kerosene Lighting

Shade # 4. An American Carcel Glass Shade. Three Chariots surround this shade. Size: 6.75" tall x 7" diameter at the widest x 2.5" top opening x 2.5" bottom opening. Condition: rim flea bite on the bottom and scuffs consistent with use and age. Price: $465.00..Shipping and packing (Fedex or UPS) depends on ship to location. Actual cost varies and you will be charged what ever the estimated charge will be.

Shade # 3. An American "hobnail"gas shade. Size: 4" fitter. Top Diameter is 9" at the widest and the shade is 6.5" tall. Condition: a minor fitter flake. Circa 1865. The "hobnail" decorations are large. Price: $325.00. Shipping and packing (Fedex or UPS) depends on ship to location. Actual cost varies and you will be charged what ever the estimated charge will be.

Shade # 2. An American gas shade. Size: 2 5/8" fitter. Top Diameter is 6.5" and the shade is 4.75" tall. Condition: a few dark paint spots, minor fitter flake. Circa 1865. The lyre decor is rare. Price: $275.00. Shipping and packing (Fedex or UPS) depends on ship to location. Actual cost varies and you will be charged what ever the estimated charge will be.

# 4765. A fine and rare Art Glass Gas Shade in the style of Webb Glass. The thinnest of glass with overall leaf and fern decoration. 4" bottom fitter; 5" tall and 8.25" across at the widest. Condition: Tiny imperfections as sent from the factory. This must have been a very difficult shade to produce with many not surviving the factory process and even less surviving hot flames, servants, etc. (to ship, this item must be triple boxed) Price: $1,500.00.

# 5033. A Pair {2} of Aesthetic era acid etched gas shades. 5" bottom fitter size. These shades are unusually shallow being only 4" tall. Condition: minor scuffs consistent with use and age. The price for the pair is $450.00.

# 5028. A single Aesthetic era acid etched gas shade. 5" bottom fitter size and a crown top. This shade depicts different flowers including thistle and Passion Flower among others. Condition: minor scuffs consistent with use and age plus several crown edge flea bites. The price for this shade is $265.00.

# 4805. A pair of rare cut glass gas crown topped shades. 4" bottom fitter size and a crown top with a top opening of 7 5/8" across, the shades are 5.5" tall. Cut glass gas shades are hard to come by and were generally used on cut glass chandeliers. The price for this pair of shade is $850.00.

Shade 10. Offering a matched set of 6 shades. Smoke Bells. Opal or Milk Glass. Probably American Possibly Sandwich Glass. Size: 7" tall with a flare of 6" across. Condition: dirty: came out of a Newport Rhode Island Carriage House off Bellevue Avenue and were wrapped in Newspaper from the 1940's. . Individual shades are available for $65.00 each.

Shade 9. Offering a single Rococo Style Gas Shade. Size: fitter size 2 5/8"; app 5" tall and app 7" across. Condition: minor scuffing consistent with use and age; edge chips and flakes to the fitter ring. Nice quality; heavy cut glass design. We had a set of 7 of these a number of years ago (which we sold). In storage in an attic here in Newport for about 60 years. Price: $400.00.

Shade 5. Offering an unusual Quilted Amberina Style Glass Ball shade. Suitable for a column, moderator or carcel lamp. Size: 7" tall; 7" diameter; fitter opening 2 1/4". Condition: edge flakes to the fitter opening and I suspect that there were fitter rings at the top and bottom of the shade and those are missing. Colors are range from a deep ruby to a very pale pink. Don't know where or who made this shade. Believe it to be period, sometime in the late 19th century. Joseph Locke of the New England Glass Company developed Amberina and it was registered by W.L. Libbey. If this is Amberina, it is a pretty rare shade. Price: $300.00.

WANTED TO PURCHASE : 2-5/8" (fitter opening) gas shades, c. 1870. Red or orange flash, acid etched, Roman themes: chariots, soldiers,etc.

WANTED TO PURCHASE : 3", 4" and 5" (fitter opening) gas shades with aesthetic designs with red or orange flash color design.

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