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American Girandoles: Candle-powered lighting of the 19th century

Item number 5115. A rare Girandole. 1845-1865. Indian Form also known as the "Warrior" model. The Indian holds a spear and is dressed in Indian attire. The figure is of an Osage Indian Chief modeled after a Catlin Portrait print. A similar example of this girandole is exhibited in the Philadelphia Fine Arts Museum Collection in their gallery of American Decorative Arts. Manufactured by Cornelius Co. of NY between 1845-65. On the center of his chest is a large 5 pointed star. The Indian has long hair and a feather plume head dress. Condition: the gilt finish is bright and intact; The lusters are period and have multiple edge flakes and all but three of the prisms are 5.75" long with the shorter ones 4" long. Parrott Bacot's book Nineteenth Century Lighting does not picture these Girandoles. Size: 19.5" tall. The stepped marble base is 4.75" x 7". The Indian is app. 9" tall. The girandole holds 3 candles. Price: $650.00.

# 5044. A three piece set of American Girandoles. Commonly called the Bigelow Chapel Model manufactured by the William Shaw Company of Boston. Fully marked in the bronze back with the name, address and patent date. The single candle Girandoles are 14" tall mounted on an Egyptian Marble base which is 3.5" x 6.25". The Three arm unit is 16.25" tall on the same size and type of marble base. The prisms appear to be period to the Girandoles are are consistent with original material. The prisms are commonly referred to as "interlocking C and star" prisms as described by H. Parrott Bacot in his book titled "Nineteenth Century Lighting" and this model girandole is pictured on page 188 of that book. Condition: slight discoloration to the gold gilt work of the chapel sections with more gold gilt wear to the prism supports and candle cups. All in all, this is a rare set of Girandoles in good condition. There are no repairs to the metalwork or marble. The prisms have small flakes consistent with use and age. There are no prisms missing. Each has a double button. The markings on the back state: "W. F. Shaw 174 Wash St. Boston Patent Dec 18, 1849" Shaw was located at 270 Washington Street in Boston from 1848 to 1851. We don't know when he was at 174 Washington Street: before or after the 270 address. We sold a similar set to The Rhode Island School of Design Museum a number of years ago and similar examples exist in the Sleep Hollow Restorations Collection and other important private and public collections. Price: $1,950.00 the set.

"Antique Lighting

Table Lamps from the 19th Century"

The Drawing Room Antiques

Written by Federico Santi and John Gacher

All the lamps in this book are for sale and are priced.

"Antique Lighting: Table Lamps from the 19th century" showcases candelabras, Argand, Sinumbra, Solar, Carcel, Moderator, gas and kerosene fixtures. The Drawing Room Antiques in Newport, RI presents dozens of examples currently in inventory with descriptions including materials, sizes, and prices. This book can also be used as a reference book for beginning collectors of 19th century table lamps. Historic interiors commonly use period lighting to enhance the authentic style being created. Rare examples are often viewed in historic homes across America starting with the White House in Washington. Room settings in museums depicting 19th century decorating styles feature period table lamps because they were critical to families to provide light for evening activities. The range of innovative lighting mechanisms during the 19th century is showcased in this volume

Available from Amazon: ISBN: 9781070164403

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