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#4534. A single Carcel Lamp. French: signed "Gagneau." Late 19th century. Pottery and fire gilt bronze. Size: 16" tall to the top of the butner and 24/5" to the top of the fabric shade holder (which can be replaced with a more appropriate size holder). Condition: fitted for electricity, the pottery and gilt bronze is in excellent condition. Line cord switch. A few words about Gagneau: They were a famous lighting and high quality bronze manufacturer, established in Paris since 1800, and became renowned because of their improvement to the Carcel oil lamp. The innovation was shown for the first time at the National Industry Products Exhibition in Paris in 1819, and was patented the same year. In the 19th century, the firm moved from 25 rue d'Enghien to 115 rue Lafayette and specialized in all types of lighting including lamps, chandeliers, wall-lights. . . . whose quality was famous. Gagneau received Premier Medals at the Crystal Palace Exhibition in London in 1851 and at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1855. Celebrated bronzer and lighting manufacturer, Gagneau was member of the jury for the Artistic Bronzed Class at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1889. The firm provided all lighting for the new French Embassy in Vienna in 1908. Price: $1,350.00.

# 5116. Pictured is one of a pair of 19th century Carcel Lamps in the Gothic Style. Mid 19th century. Size: 6" across; 16" tall to the top of the burner and app. 24" tall to the top of the chimney. The footed figural base is gold painted pot metal. The lamp is stamped brass. These lamps may have had mechanical interior works; they now function as kerosene lamps with a kerosene burner. We believe that they have been kerosene lamps for a long time. The matching glass ball shades appear to be period. The footed bases probably date from around 1870 while the lamps themselves date 20 years earlier. The lamps have tin fitted base covers while the rest is stamped brass. This is a very rare decor for a Carcel lamp. Country of origin, probably France. Price $3,500.00 the pair.

# 2149. A Rare Charles X Column Lamp. Fitted for Electricity. 25.5" tall to the base of the electrical fitting. Retains its burner collar and shade ring. Good original patina with dark bronze and fire gilt surfaces. Probably French. Unmarked. The Column Lamp is a very elegant form of lighting, usually fitted with a mellon or ball glass shade. Price: $1,250.00.

# 2084. A Charles X Rococo designed Carcel, Column, Oil Lamp. Condition: fitted for electricity and the burner element and shade ring is missing as is the inner clockwork mechanism and inner tin lining. The material is bronze: patina loss and minor corrosion. Size: 19.25" to the base of the electrical socket. These lamps are rare and when they were produced were costly: Thomas Jefferson had a pair of Column Lamps on his parlor mantel. They were rare and prized possessions for the most prominent families at the time. Price: $850.00.

# 3081. A Single Carcel Lamp. Paris Porcelain with fire-gilt bronze metalwork. Fitted for electricity (mechanical innerworkings removed and burner/shade holder removed). Style: Neo-Grec. Fitted as a lamp before 1870. We attribute the porcelain vase to the firm of Denuelle, circa 1834. Copied in the Etruscan style. In 1834 Denuelle exhibited some of these Etruscan vases. Vases showing the same influence were reproduced by Stephane Flachat's work on French industry, along with the porcelain of Jacob Petit and Clauss. A similar styled vase was given by Mme Denuelle to the Musee Adrien Doubouche. Condition: the lower porcelain section has an apparent crack from the upper edge to the intermediate gold band. Minor surface wear consistent with use and age. This is a rare lamp depicting Greek figures, four in all. The predominant ground colors are turquoise, terra-cotta with black and gold tracery. There are three separate porcelain section joined with fire gilt bronze elements. Unmarked. The main image depicts a soldier / warrior atop a winged horse / Pegasus / killing a mythological monster. This high quality lamp would have been used in a room of furnishings consistent with cabinet makers such as Pottier and Stymus, Leon Marcotte, Herter Brothers and Alexander Roux. Size: 20" tall to the bottom of the modern electrical socket and the base has a 6" footprint. Price: $3,500.00.

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