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Our first real introduction to "The Greek Revival Style" was in 1977 when we purchased Carr-Osborn House in Fall River Mass. The architect was Russell Warren. The home came furnished with the original circa 1843 furniture. Much of the furniture was from the firm of Meeks.

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# 5138. An American Empire Center Table. Circa 1830-40. Rosewood / Egyptian Marble / Black Marble. Size: 31" tall / 35" across. This tri foot base table has an Egyptian Marble center support with bronze upper and lower caps; The marble top was probably replaced at one time and the surface is glass like. This design is uncommon with most centertables of this era usually having a wood center post or support. The marble column unbolts for more easy transportation. { We have located a similar item: offered by Christies on Thursday June 2, 1983 -Quervelle 5370 - lot # 185 "An Empire Mahogany Veneer Marble top Center Table - New York, 1830-40" The estimate was then $3,000.00 - $3,500.00.} $3,500.00.

# 4472. A dated 1830 Portrait Bust. Signed on the bust in large script: "R. Trentanove Fece Roma 1830". Size: 26 1/2" tall and 16" wide. Material: Carrara Marble. Condition: minor edge flakes to the toga; multiple tiny paint splatters to the surface; the sockel was neatly broken into and reglued. Please see detailed images below. This handsome classical portrait bust in typical of the era (1830's). Probably commissioned as a portrait bust by the sitter. In storage in a Newport warehouse since about 1925. Raimondo Trentanove, Italian 1792-1832; Initially a pupil of De Maria and Bartolini, Trentanove worked in Rome in close partnership with Canova. There he was involved in the execution of numerous works in his master's style, including direct copies after Canova, antique sculpture and portrait busts. Amongst the latter there exists a fine marble of Canova himself, now in the Galleria d'arte Moderna, Milan. Another version of the present impressive memorial bust of Napoleon may be found in the Museo del Risorgimento, Faenza. This portrait bust was completed two years before Trentanove's death in 1832. In the exhibition catalogue: " Art and the Empire New York 1825, 1861 " Edited by Catherine Hoover Voorsanger and John K. Howat ( ISBN 0-87099-957-5 ) on page 137 is mentioned: "Also in 1824 the (American) Academy elected as honorary member the Italian Raimondo Trentanove, a favored pupil of Canova . . . an act calculated to emphasize the institution's connections to Europe and to counter criticism of American cultural provincialism." This bust weighs 103 lbs. {It is possible that this may be a portrait bust of Charles Lucien (Carlo) Jules Laurent Bonaparte, 2nd Prince of Canino and Musignano (May 24, 1803 – July 29, 1857) was a French naturalist and ornithologist. He was the son of Lucien Bonaparte and nephew of Emperor Napoleon.}Price $30,000.00.

# 4474. A Pair (2) of 19th century Charles X Column Lamps. Fitted for electricity. Bronze (dark and gold patinations). Size: 22" tall to the base of the contemporary electrical shaft. Condition: electrified and missing the clock work mechanism, the burner collar and the shade holder ring. This pair is unusually high style because of the four baccus heads joining around the center of the lamp. Price for the Pair is $11,000.00.

# 2149. A Rare Charles X Column Lamp. Fitted for Electricity. 25.5" tall to the base of the electrical fitting. Retains its burner collar and shade ring. Good original patina with dark bronze and fire gilt surfaces. Probably French. Unmarked. The Column Lamp is a very elegant form of lighting, usually fitted with a mellon or ball glass shade. Price: $5,500.00.

# 4559. A Charles X single Carcel or Column Oil Lamp. Bronze patinated in gold and dark patina. Size: 21.5" tall. Condition: The lamp has it's mechanical works, the spring wound motor that pumps the oil to the burner; the burner is missing as is the burner cage and shade ring; it has been fitted for electricity by simply running the wire up the shaft without really hurting the integrity of the mechanism. Could be reconverted back to oil will little effort. This rare lamp is French and is so marked by the firm of Dardonville and Sons - Paris as incised on the mechanism along with numbers. Price: $4,500.00.

# 5048. A pair (2) of single arm Argand lamps. Labeled: " Gardner New York " Gardner was a retail gallery in New York City. Size: 16" tall sitting on a square base that is 6". Condition: still oil, never fitted for electricity; very distressed finish: most of the gold gilt work is gone and the painted surface is in very poor condition; the prisms are not period to the set; there is a small interior thimble like wick holder missing from one of the two lamps as noted in the detailed images. This set is ready for restoration and will be a handsome addition to a period interior. Price $3,950.00 the pair.

# 3081. A Single Carcel Lamp. Paris Porcelain with fire-gilt bronze metalwork. Fitted for electricity (mechanical innerworkings removed and burner/shade holder removed). Style: Neo-Grec. Manufactured between 1869-1880. Condition: the lower porcelain section has an apparent crack from the upper edge to the intermediate gold band. Minor surface wear consistent with use and age. We believe that the art work is part stenciled but for the most part hand painted. This is a rare lamp depicting Greek figures, four in all. The predominant ground colors are turquoise, terra-cotta with black and gold tracery. There are three separate porcelain section joined with fire gilt bronze elements. Unmarked. The main image depicts a soldier / warrior atop a winged horse / Pegasus / killing a mythological monster. This high quality lamp would have been used in a room of furnishings consistent with cabinet makers such as Pottier and Stymus, Leon Marcotte, Herter Brothers and Alexander Roux. Size: 20" tall to the bottom of the modern electrical socket and the base has a 6" footprint. Price: $3,000.00.

We have had the privilege of owning three Duncan Phyfe items, inlcuding the above pictured Rosewood sideboard. Metal inlay and brass gallery. A similar form is pictured on page 173 (Dover), plate 155 in Nancy McClelland's Duncan Phyfe and the English Regency 1795-1830. In the 1920's through the 1940's this era furniture in Newport was considered just good used furniture and often time ended up in rooming houses where rooms were rented by the week. We sold this sideboard over 25 years ago.



The Drawing Room is located at 152-154 Spring Street, Newport, Rhode Island 02840.We are open daily from 11 am to 5 pm and by appointment. If you have an interest in an item listed in this document or wish to purchase an item, please call us at 1-401-841-5060 ( cell: 401-261-3980). The Partnership of Gacher and Santi has been in business for over 30 years. We have been located in Newport since 1985. All images copyright by F. Santi, 2007

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