Antique Shades from The Drawing Room

For Gas, Kerosene and Oil Lamps, Sconces and Chandeliers

# 4765. A fine and rare Art Glass Gas Shade in the style of Webb Glass. The thinnest of glass with overall leaf and fern decoration. 4" bottom fitter; 5" tall and 8.25" across at the widest. Condition: Tiny imperfections as sent from the factory. This must have been a very difficult shade to produce with many not surviving the factory process and even less surviving hot flames, servants, etc. (to ship, this item must be triple boxed) Price: $1,500.00.

These images show the more true color of the shade:

Washing removed all the stains

The flake was as issued from the factory.

The true color of this shade is acid green/yellow.

"Antique Lighting

Table Lamps from the 19th Century"

The Drawing Room Antiques

Written by Federico Santi and John Gacher

All the lamps in this book are for sale and are priced.

"Antique Lighting: Table Lamps from the 19th century" showcases candelabras, Argand, Sinumbra, Solar, Carcel, Moderator, gas and kerosene fixtures. The Drawing Room Antiques in Newport, RI presents dozens of examples currently in inventory with descriptions including materials, sizes, and prices. This book can also be used as a reference book for beginning collectors of 19th century table lamps. Historic interiors commonly use period lighting to enhance the authentic style being created. Rare examples are often viewed in historic homes across America starting with the White House in Washington. Room settings in museums depicting 19th century decorating styles feature period table lamps because they were critical to families to provide light for evening activities. The range of innovative lighting mechanisms during the 19th century is showcased in this volume

Available from Amazon: ISBN: 9781070164403

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