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# 4983. A set of four rare American Dance cards from Harvard University. First is titled "Senior Spread Class of 1902" - size 3 7/8" x 5 3/4". The 1902 Senior Spread Committee included Remsen Brinckerhoff Ogilby, Richard Elbert Edwards and Frederick Indersoll Emery. Patronesses included (as noted): Mrs. William A. Bancroft, Mrs. L.B.R. Briggs, Mrs. Richard H. Dana, Mrs. Arthur Lithgow Devens, Mrs. Richard C. Divey, Mrs. Charles W. Eliot, Mrs. Woodward Emery, Mrs. F.L.Higginson, Mrs. William J. Ladd, Mrs. William Lawarence, Mrs. Thomas Motley, Mrs. M.H. Richardson, Mrs. Joseph B. Russell, Mrs. Charles S. Sargent, Mrs. N.S. Shaler, Mrs. James J. Storrow, Mrs. Barrett Wendell, Mrs. Harold Williams and Mrs. Alfred Winsor. Of the 22 dances listed in this card, the bearere had filled out all but 4. This was a very busy night for the dancer. The was a card of a gentleman as all the dances partners are ladies. The most interesting and unusual dance listed is the "Portland Fancy." Condition of this card: separated outer card. We have a duplicate of the 1902 card in about the same condition. There is a 1901 "Senior Spread Class of 1901" card in the same condition thought the pencil is missing from this card. There is also on this collection a 1904 card with the Senior Spread Committee as follows: Harold Garfield Dillingham, William Jackson Clothier and Chester Haven Robinson. Condition of this card is intact but the pencil is missing. The cover design reflects thematically art of the era with Japonisme influencing the theme. Price for the four card is: $1,000.00.


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