Volunteers in Service to America: a Personal Journey

Chapter 7. The Volunteers-Where are they today?

The Volunteers: Where are They? The following is a list of names are from an address book that I used while in V.I.S.T.A. in Broward County Florida in 1969-70. These people were either part of my group or I was involved with them through V.I.S.T.A. in some way. If you are listed below or have information about those in these pages or were part of our group but are not listed here, could you please email

Federico Santi with contact information? Thanks.

Volunteers in my group that were headquartered out of Broward County Florida.

{If you are a V.I.S.T.A. Alumni, you are encouraged to visit the VISTA campus site listed below-click on it !}

Dana Brownstein: 321 Hazeltine Dr, Debary, Fl, 32713


Mark Buckbinder

Steve Ciano: 351 Mississippi Street / San Francisco, CA 94107.


Carole Carlisle

Agnes Donegan

Ginny Doying

Frances Eaton (married Bill Millhouser)

Larry Evans


Steve Fulton

Steve Garcia

Penny Hazard (Miami VISTA)

Gene and Cielle (Lucille) Hosler

Jane Hoyme

Dave Henderson

Terry Jacobs

Rudi Juarez

Jim Kennedy

Kathy Kramer

Rob and Linda Kambak

Margo Karlek-Hildreth

Louise Lyman

Gary Maske: Gary grew up among six siblings in a small cabin on Gillette's Lake in Jackson, Michigan. (Brothers, Larry and Michael and sisters Kathi, Terri, Chris, and Mary all still live in or around Jackson.) He was a baseball standout at Michigan Center High School, Jackson Junior College, and attended Idaho State University where he played for the baseball and swim teams, and highlighted his career with a no-hitter. He worked multiple jobs to pay his way, getting a taste of several different majors in between hikes up the mountains of Pocatello. As a VISTA volunteer in Florida, he repeatedly cancelled appointments with Jane Pfann, who had heard from the McDonoughs that he was "cute." After about four attempts, she secured a business appointment with him for "interagency cooperation." A partnership was forged and they were married in August of 1970. Gary found a high school teaching job at Orange High School in Hillsborough, North Carolina, and the couple soon found a 1920's farm house in Chapel Hill. They had two children: Fredrick in 1975 and Buffy in 1980. Gary taught at Orange for nearly twenty years and still holds the record for Teacher of the Year awards. While he was a member of an outstanding English faculty, he also taught several specialty courses that had never been offered before and never since. He translated his long-time baseball skills into the building of the OHS baseball program, winning a Conference Championship in 1982. (In 2008, the program won its first State Championship under the guidance of Gary's former assistant coach, Dean Dease.) When the need for self-employment became overwhelming, he resigned from teaching, spent a couple of years working for a landscaping company, and then started his own. He tended to lawns and gardens (and frequently doubled as social worker to the clients) for the rest of his life. While he may have grumbled about the hassles of travel, he had more fun than anybody else once the family hit the road. He kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland, channeled Homer at the Acropolis, watched whales in Nova Scotia, and caught Amberjack off the Outer Banks of NC. He revived his Boy Scout days, hiking the Philmont trails of New Mexico with his son in 1991. He and Fred attended a spring training VISTA reunion in Fort Myers in 1997, joining Jim Kennedy, Paul McDonough, and Joe Muldoon in a weekend of debauchery. They also journeyed to back Michigan for the final game at Tiger Stadium in 1999. Gary passed away in January, 2004, of a fast-moving cancer. (Age 61) Like a good Boy Scout, he left the place in better shape than how he found it. Jane retired after 30 years as an adoption worker and now holds down the fort in Chapel Hill. Buffy is an artist, also in Chapel Hill, and Fredrick is an actor and writer in Los Angeles. (Submitted by Frederick Maske) fmaske@mac.com.

Paul McDonough


William (Bill) Millhouser (Married Frances Eaton)

Joe Muldon


William Murphy

Gerald Neyman

Rose Mary Reichardt

John Riccio

Pat Russoniello

Federico Santi: 152 Spring Street / Newport, RI 02840 / 401-261-3980.


Joy Sherman

George Siegal

Helen Souza

Dan Watkins


Beverly Wolfram

As a photo-journalist, one of my jobs was to document activities including children in day-care centers, children at play in a variety of places including playgrounds, in class, at the beach, etc. I took all these images between the years 1968 and 1969 in and around South Florida including Broward County and Homestead.

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