Convitto Nazionale


Prato, Italy

Francesco Santi

Studio Portrait of Francesco Santi - Dated: Maggio 19, 1928.

Francesco was a student at Cicognini from 1927 through 1929. His father, Federico Santi, believed that a European education for his son was critical in prepairing him for his future. In this web site, images of Francesco's Cicognini years will be illustrated with notations as written by Francesco while a student. This site has been created by his son, Federico Santi.

P2. "Laggio finale al Convitto Cicognini" Dated March 28, 1928.

P 3. Dated March 28, 1928.

P 4.

P 5. " Laggio Finale al Collegio Cicognini ~ El Ballo ~ March 28, 1928"

P 6. "Laggio finaleal collegio Cicognini ~ March 28, 1928"

P 7. " Firenze April 5, 1928 ~ Squandra di gimnastica a Firenze. Latto al camps di Marte"

P 8. "Firenze ~ April 5, 1928 Squadra di gimnastica a Firenze Latto al campo di Marte"

P 9. "firenze April 5, 1928 ~ Squadra di gimnastica a Firenze, Latto a campo di Marte"

P 10. Top left, back row: Francesco Santi and father Federico Santi; I don't know who the others are, but presume that they are relatives from Florence.

P 10. Undated image taken around 1928 of cadets from Cicognini.

P 12. Undated photo taken around 1928 of cadets of Cicognini; third from left is Francesco Santi (without a hat).

P 13. "March 18, 1928 ~ Squadra di gimnastics per Roma. Latto (sic) nel cortile del Convitto Cigognini"

P 14. " 7-2-29 ~ Al mio amico Santi Francesco, che se ricordli si me. Melchiarre"

P 15. Undated image of cadets from Cicognini, Francesco Santi is sitting in the front row left with his legs outstretched. Probably dates from 1929 and this could be an outing to either Florence or Roma.

P 16. Suspect that these are two professors from Cicognini supervising the outing in the above image.

P 17. Cadet Francesco Santi ~ Convitto Nazionale Cicognini Prato.

P 18. " Compagni miei al collegio IV sauadra ~ Felahio 10, 1929" Francesco Santi is sitting in the front with his hat off.

P 19. A period post card circa 1929 titled: "Prato ~ Interno del R. Convitto Nazionale Cicognini"

P 20. " Signor Rettore ~ Convitto Nazionale Cicognini Prato ~ 1928-29"

P 21. El Signor Rettore ~ 1928-29 ~ Cicognini Prato"

P 22. Post card c. 1928."Prato ~ R. Convitto Nazionale Cicognini ~ Sala di recevimento"

P 23. Probably a professor at Cicoginin, unidentified, circa 1929.

P 24. From a Cicognini Photo Album circa 1928-29. Possibly a Professor at Prato.

p 25. Snapshot of Francesco Santi wearing a Convitto Cicognini sweater. Circa 1928.

P 26. Unidentified studio portrait of a Cadet of Cicognini Prato. Circa 1929.

P 27. Snapshot of Cadet Francesco Santi standing next to his sister Marcella Santi (Pardi) on the banks of the Arno with the Ponte-Vecchio in the background. Circa 1928.

P 28. Studio Portait of Francesco Santi, Cadet of Cicognini, Prato ~ Circa 1928.

P 29. Post Card "Prato ~ R. Convitto Nazionale Cicognini ~ La sale del Consiglio"

P 30. Group portrait of cadets from Cicognini, circa 1928. Standing in front of a monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi.

P 31. Studio portrait of an officer. Personal notation, Probably a friend of the family.

P 32.

P 33.

P 34.

P 35.

P 36.

P 37.

P 38.

P 39.

P 40.

P 41.

P 42.

P 43.

P 44.

P 45.

P 46.

P 47.

To be continued

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