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Hungarian ZsolnayArt Pottery

152 Spring Street Newport RI 02840 {USA}

# 5099. A matched pair of "Palace" vases (Pictured on either side of this sideboard). Each is 23" tall. Circa 1882. No form number mark but standard blue underglaze Zsolnay Factory mark of the era. Metal mounts of dramatic lion faces are applied as handles attached at the factory. Rings are held in the mouth of the lion. Typical 'Turkish' decor probably designed by Júlia Sikorski Zsolnay. Condition: repair to one of the metal mounts; gilt loss to both vases; no chips or pottery restorations. Price: $8,500.00 for the pair.

Bright gold metal mounts

The vases are identical in decor.

Typical decor by Julia Sikoska Zsolnay.


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