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Item # 227. A Zsolnay Pitcher. Late Secession era. Size: 9.5" tall. Condition: minor areas where the glaze did not adhere to the body of the pitcher. No restorations, chips. Marks: round raised factory mark of the era and incised initials: "S F". There is no form number however the form number for this pitcher is 8925. C. 1918. This is late production for the factory. The glaze is reminiscent of a glass box vase pictured on page 7 of Waltraud Neuwirth's "Bluhender Jugendstil" Band 1; described as a "Vase; Joh. Lotz Witwe, Klostermuhle". Glaze in the style of Loetz Papillon glass. The images pictures a silver spotted decoration against a darker silver blue ground. Concerning the incised " S F", we can find no artist who worked at the factory with those initials. The main decoration is a oil spotted metallic eosin silver over a blue metallic eosin background, the raised ribbon decorations are lilac / copper eosin. The glaze on this small pitcher is about as fine as was produced at the Zsolnay factory. Price: $6,500.00.

The spot is an tiny area where the glaze did not adhere to the body.

The small line is at the base of the handle and is a firing stress area.

The "S F" incised signature.

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