The National Conference on Volunteering and Service

New York City, June 28-30, 2010

Federico Santi - Photographer

This site shows my participation in this national event

I was invited as a special guest to the conference: The collection of 34 photographs that I took as a VISTA Volunteer in 1969 that were exhibited in Washington, DC in the Spring were shipped to NYC and exhibited at the Conference which took place at the Hilton Hotel. The exhibition was titled: "Photo Gallery, VISTA Redux: 1969" The exhibition opened the morning of June 29 and was up for the rest of the conference.

"The photographs in this exhibit capture the experiences of a VISTA who served in South Florida in 1969. We were a nation at war, a culture in revolution, with this volunteer and photographer trying to find his path in life. Living in low-income neighborhoods, the VISTA's were then and are now encouraged to be part of the lives of those they set out to help. VISTA alumnus, Federico Santi, became the staff photographer documenting classrooms of children and teachers, condition in migrant worker camps, and the lives of his follow VISTA's."

Photographer Federico Santi and Alaska Director.

Elizabeth Matthews discusses upcoming events.

The gentleman in the center is

The person on the right is Patrick Triano, Director of Training and Outreach.

The lady on the right is: Suzanne Richards, CNCS Florida State Program Director.

Several of the photographs were also exhibited outside the Grand Ballroom during the Town Meeting Event. A short film I created using many of these images was shown, introduced by Mark Gearan, the Chairman of the Board of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Here's to You ~ Radio City Music Hall ~ 6-28-10

Hosted by John Oliver

Guest Award Presenter: NY Jets Quarterback Erik Ainge


In the center is Barbara Bush and to the right is Philippe Cousteau

Key note speaker Ruby Dee

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This archival collection of photographs is located at 152-154 Spring Street, Newport, Rhode Island 02840. If you have an interest in using a specific photograph or wish to discuss publishing in either book or exhibition form please call Federico Santi at 401-261-3980. All images copyright by F. Santi and copying or used without the express permission of the photographer is forbidden.

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