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Donalsonville, Georgia

The Class of 1964 Announces its 45 Class Reunion

Saturday July 25, 2009.

For further information please contact Needmore Properties at 1-229-439-1837 (Bob Dutton)

Seminole County High School

So . . . what is this page about? 1964! High School Commencement Exercises.

Class Flower: Chrysanthemum and Gladiolus. Class Colors: Green and White. Class Motto: He Conquers Who Conquers Himself.

The commencement Sermon took place Sunday Evening, May 31 at 8 pm in the High School Auditorium

The Graduation Exercise took place Monday June 1, 1964 at 8:30 p.m. on the Football Field at the High School.

As stated in the program, the Processional was performed by the Band followed by the Invocation given by Rev. Henry Durham. Salutatory by Harriett Lane. We then sung the class song followed by the Presentation of the Speaker by J.B. Jenkins (who was our Principal). The address was given by Rev. Ralph McCaskill, Jr. Diplomas where then given out by Principal Jenkins. Bert Trulock gave the Graduates Creed followed by the Valedictory given by Mary Ann Baker. We all then sang the Alma Mater and then marched out to the music of the High School Band.

So . . . who graduated? Here is the official program list:

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Mary Ann Baker

Joy Barber

Glenda Braswell

Linda Bridges

Gale Burke

Mount Vina Chandler

Terry Chestnut

David Cliett

Harry Cobb

Lawrence Davis

Joe Dick

Bob Dutton

Patsy Ethridge

Arthur Glass

Lajoy Hagler

Charlotte Hawkins

Benny Hayes

Maxie Hays

Kenneth Horne

Sidney Ingram

Mary Ann Jenkins

Sharon Jernigan

Milton Jones

Lucia Ann Kidd

Ronnie King

Harriett Lane

Sharla Lee

Allen Lewis

Donna McCalvin

Tommy McMullen

Jack Murkison

Bud Merritt

Jan Middleton: It is good to see the website for the Seminole County High Class of 1964. I am looking forward to the next class reunion.It would be great if more of the class would attend. For the past 42 years I have lived at Good Hope, GA with my husband of 42 years. We have three sons: Jeff, who livesnext door to us, Kevin who lives in Indian Wells, CA and Jason who lives in Hernando, MS. We have six grandchildren:Lauren (19), Charlie (18), Noah (8), Adin (6), Zachary (3) and Lucas (5 months). My husband, Buck, retired from Fulghum Fibres, January 15, 2006 and I am still at The University of Georgia ChemistryDepartment; June 18, 2008 was 23 years. I am still enjoying my work and do not have immediate retirement plans. chandler@chem.uga.edu

Gerald Miller

Willard Mims

Brenda Mizell

John Mosley

William Murkerson

Elaine North

Bill Nunnery

Linda Faye Phillips

I am Linda Faye (Phillips) Whisenant, 827 Bob Dodson Road, Plains, Georgia, 31780. My Email address is: linda@bfn-law.com I am a paralegal with the lawfirm of Barnes, Farr & NeSmith, P.C. in Americus, Georgia. I have 2 sons, Brian (wife - Rhonda) Harrell of Donalsonville and Brandan (wife - Cara) Harrell of Plains. I have 5 grandchildren, Grant, Lacey, Jacob, Megan and Andrew. My son Brandan is the lady’s basketball coach at South Georgia Tech’s Lady Jets.

Rollin Rathel

Carolyn Reagan

Johnny Reynolds

Barbara Ritchie

Mike Sanders

Federico Santi

Rico Santi has lived in Newport Rhode Island since 1985 and owns and operates with his partner John Gacher, The Drawing Room Antiques. 152 Spring Street, Newport, RI 02840 (401-841-5060) (cell 401-261-3980); email: drawrm@hotmail.com

Barbara Smith

Gail Smith

Amy Jo Spooner

John Phil Spooner

Sandra Spooner

Steve Spooner

Alice Taylor

Bert Thomas

Derrell Tomlin

Bert Trulock

David Webb

I retired from the Navy on January 1, 1986 and have been a Police Officer at the University of Virginia since. I teach at the area Police Academy and have just been assigned as the department training Sergeant. I love my work and plan to be here until the Lord takes me home. I was really surprised to see your web site and even more surprised to see someone have a class of '64 listing. Please keep in touch. Dave Webb Sgt. David E. Webb Training Sergeant University of Virginia Department of Police 2304 Ivy Road Charlottesville. VA 22903 dew3h@virginia.edu

Ruth Wetherinton

GRACIOUS ! We all really did scatter a lot since graduation. I am now residing in Bennettsville, SC after meeting the most wonderful person in my life,Charles L. Sanders, Jr. We were married May 24, 2002. Owner and operator of Sanders Texaco and Mac's Shoe store. It feels good to find this site so we can keep up with "us '64 Young'uns. All correspondence are very welcomed......Fafnirr@bellsouth.net--------Ruth

Junior Whittaker

Don Wright

63 is the total: If you are on this list and wish to have any information listed here, just email me (Federico Santi) at: drawrm@hotmail.comand I will list the data. If the name is green it means the person has passed away. If a visitor to this site knows of one of the above who is no longer with us, just drop me an email and I will make the notation. Snail mail at: Federico {Rico} Santi 152 Spring Street / Newport, Rhode Island 02840. {1-401-841-5060 / 401-261-3980}.

While going through some old papers I came across an old S.C.H.S. Class of 1964 program titled and read as follows:

Southerners of



Devotional----------------------------------------------Ronny King


Class Song------------------------------"Seniors of '64"----------------Seniors

History----------------------------------------------------Don Wright / Brenda Misell

Last Will & Testament-----------------------------------Carolyn Regan / John Mosley

Prophecy---------------------------------------------------------------Sharla Lee / Bob Dutton / Bert Trulock

Poem--------------------------------------------------Donna McCalvin / Barbar Ritchie

Alma Mater----------------------------------------------------------------All


Mrs. Dorothy Dale

Mrs. Myrvis Bridges

Groups shot of the Seminole County High School Class of 1964 re-union taken in June of 2004.

The Class of 1964 held it's 40th class reunion this past June (2004). A fund has been established at the Merchant & Farmer's Bank in Donalsonville to be used for flowers or other memorial gifts in the future. The phone number at the bank is 229-524-2112 and the contact person is John Mosley.

Those of you who would like to have a listing in the S.C.H.S. alumni page should visit this link:

S.C.H.S. Alumni Link Page

Emails of note:

Melanie: Dorothy Dale: a very special person . . . I believe that she was our senior class 'sponsor'. I took Georgia History from her and perhpaps two other courses (Geography). This is a long time ago . . . but I remember (I think) that she told us she was a writer/reporter for the some newspaper: don't really remember what city that was in but it was in Georgia (before she was a school teacher). There was not a nicer teacher at Seminole County High School than Dorothy Dale. Elegant in looks and elegantly spoken. All the kids loved her. Do you want me to put your message and email address on the web page about the Class of 1964? There would probably be more information from other classmates? Federico Santi 152 Spring Street Newport, RI 02840 1-401-841-5060 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 08:52:05 -0400 From: melaniedc@gmail.com To: drawrm@hotmail.com Subject: Seminole County HS Hello. I found your site about the class of 1964 while googling to see if there was any information out there about my grandmother, Dorothy Dale. Thank you so much for mentioning her. She died when I was 6 months old and my father rarely speaks of her, so I was looking around to see what I could find. Thanks again, you made my day. Melanie Dale Childers













Hon. Dan E. Ponder, Jr. (GA SH 160)






For some class at SCHS about 1963-64 I wrote this short history of Donalsonville, I think it may have been for Dorothy Dale's class in Georgia History.

In 1904 Donalsonville was described as a thriving town of 600 inhabitants. In 1910 $20,000.00 worth of bonds were issued to buy a water and light system, which was built on a lot of land laid aside for a Park for the City. This land was bought from Mr. P.S. Cummings, by the city for $1,000.00. Four years later a $10,000.00 Ice and Cold storage plant was added. In 1914, a group of citizens with Mr. W.H. Vanlandingham who was the main promoter, organized a Seminole County Fair Association. As the large cities had been the only places for fairs, it was quite an advertizement for Donalsonville and people came for miles around to the fairs, which were held for several years in succession. One of our citizens made a visit to a North Georgia city several years after the first Fair and was asked where he was from and thinking Donalsonville was such a small place, he told them he was from Bainbridge, Georgia and the person asked if that was near Donalsonville as he hard heard so much about the fairs there. In 1915 the population had reached the mark of 1000. A school house had been built, as the Masonic Building had burned and there were stores and banks and places of business to accommodate the people. The people living in this area about this time bought their supplies from Mr. Sam Dickerson at Steam Mill, located on the banks of the Chattachochee River about eight miles away. The supplies were brought down the river on steam boats as there was no other way of transportation in this area at that time. Mail in Donalsonville was brought to Rock Pond by horse from Bainbridge, 22 miles away. The roads were sandy and crooked and also there were few good bridges. The Post Office in Donalsonville was organized in 1890. Mr. S. D. Cherry was made Postmaster as he offered his store for the office. His salary was only one-half the cancellation, which amounted to about a dollar and a half a month, which was not sufficient to pay the expenses as he furnished a horse and paid a man a dollar and a half per week to go to Rock Pond, five miles away twice weekly for the mail, which was brought from Bainbridge. This method was used for eight years. Only letters could be delivered at that time, parcels came later. In 1892 a school was organized and held in the Masonic Lodge Building, where the cemetery now stands. A Methodist Preacher, Rev. J.M. Glenn and his wife and Miss Dora Dekle were the first teachers. Five years later, in 1897, it was decided that there were enough people to organize a town. As Mr. Donalson owned most of the land, he donated the land for the streets and alleys for one mile forming a circle. In 1933, the boundary was changed to a square, which enlarged the town some. The first meeting of an appointed Mayor and Council for the town of Donalsonville was on December 17, 1897 in the office of Dr. Thomas Chason. The officers were Mayor: Dr. Thomas Chason; Aldermen: John E. Donalson, W. B. King, S. D. Cherry, R. D. Carr; Treasurer: A.R. Benton; Clerk: Reuben Brunson; City Marshall: Matt George; Clerk and Dispensary: J. B. McLendon. A meeting was held and by-laws and ordinances for the government of the town was the business program. A Guard House and Dispensary was built from which came the town's revenue for schools, etc.

To be continued: I really don't know were I got this information, it seems that I talked to a lot of old residents at the time and did some research at the Donalsonville News and at the Seminole County Court House. If I have stated any mis information, I apologize and would appreciate being notified with corrections. I was 16 when a wrote this information.

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