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A notice from 1962: "Lobster Pot Gallery Nantucket, Massachusetts Presents July 15-20 {1962}RICHARD BANKS. This is the frist Nantucket showing of paintings by the young Palm Beach Artist Richard Banks. Mr. Banks studied at the Norton Gallery of Art. His paintings are contemporary in spirit and arrestingly realistic. It is Mr. Banks' feeling that the grace and flow of line in his work can be attributed to his experience in musical composition. His talent for design and color are immediately evident. At present Mr. Banks' paintings are in many private collections including those of: Mr. and Mrs. Chester Dale, Mr. Carl Van Vechten, Mr. and Mrs. James Reid Parker, General William Young."

Mr. Banks was included in a Portraits in Review: 1962-1963 Portraits Inc.{Gallery}, 136 East 57th Street New York, New York - May 15 through May 29, 1963.

Some of his Exhibitions in the 1960's were: Palm Beach Galleries, Palm Beach 1962; Lobster Pot Gallery Nantucket 1961-62; Southampton Gallery, Southhampton, L.I. 1962; New York City Center, New York City 1963; Newman Art Gallery Philadelphia, PA 1963; Cushing Memorial Hall, Newport Rhode Island 1963; Galaxy Gallery, Phoenix Arizona 1964; Palm Beach Galleries, Palm Beach Feb 1964.

From and article in Dance Magazine March 1963 titled: "Impressions in Paint and Words": "Alicia Markova, who recently announced her retirement from active dance, continues her career as choreographer and lecturer. The lovely ballerina, famed for her delicate, Romantic style, is seen here, late January, with Richard Banks and his portrait-in-progress of her. 'I was unprepared and facinated by the directness of her gaze' says Mr. Banks, 'and how different she is on and off-stage.' 'Dancers,' says Richard Banks, 'are special people.' Allegra Kent 'is not flesh and bones - she's really air!' and Alicia Markova to the painter, is 'like Mt. Olympus.' Born and brought up in the elegant atmosphere of Palm Beach, Mr. Banks has been and commercial and fashion artist and more recently a successful society painter. With an ability to readily capture the likeness of a subject, he started with portraits in tempera and changed to oils. He has always admired the beauty of his dancer-friends, and so, with no thought of profit as motivation, he has focused his attention on making a record of their unique radiance. His portraits, most of which are life size - five or six feet, are accomplished in one or two sittings. He doesn't want the dancers to pose in movement. And yet, since a non-dancer pose might be static, he searches for a charasteristic stance. He uses color to catch what he considers the aura of the individual personality. March 12 - April 21, in conjunction with the N.Y.C. Ballet's spring season, City Center Galleries presents an exhibition of Richard Bank's portraits of dancers . . ."

Here we show past inventory of works by Richard Banks sold from our Gallery in Newport Rhode Island:

RBX 13. 20" x 14.5". layered paper; tempra; applied decorations; unsigned: Price: SOLD

RB 16. A Richard Banks pen and ink and colored ink on paper mounted on artist board. Dickie Banks does Jim Morrison: at least it looks a little like a feminine Jim Morrison. This signed and dated (Richard Banks - Newport - 1965) drawing by Mr. Banks is provocative with the sitter showing his most prized possession (next to his hair)! The stars on the shirt and the hair are a dead giveaway to an era of drugs, love and rock and roll. Size: 24" x 30". Condition: estate condition, showing use but not abuse. Price: $350.00.

The original Banks drawing has been sold.

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Item # Banks 27-B. An original work by Richard Banks. Not Signed by the Artist; from his personal portfolio. Circa 1960's. Titled "Louis Bernardo" possible a dancer with the New York City Ballet. Banks drew many dancers from the troupe. Medium: Pencil on vellum mounted onto artist paper. Condition: the glue used to attach the vellum onto the artist paper has caused brown streaking in the background giving the appearance an ancient effect, not altogether unattractive. Size: 21" x 9.5". Banks was a friend of Doris Duke who attended parties giving by Banks at his Newport Rhode Island Greek Revival Mansion. This drawing has a Federico Fellini Satyricon spirit about it. Photographed behind shrink wrap and loose mounted on foam core. Price: SOLD

RB 27. A drawing by Richard Banks; signed in the lower left corner. A crayon on paper. Size: 18" x 22". Condition: smudge to the back and front upper left of the paper/ does not interfere with the drawing. A young male reclines wearing a flowered robe open to reveal his full features. Banks drew from models and this young man combines both male and female qualities. Startling green eyes; at ease with the artist, the finished work reminds one of drawings by Benois. From Banks private collection. c. 1965. (This item has been donated to The Leslie-Lohman Museum {located at 26 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10013} by Federico Santi and John Gacher)

RB18. A portrait on artist paper.Watercolor. Size: 18" x 24". Condition: wrinkling to the right edge of the paper; this will probably come out with drymounting and matting. A profile of a your lady wearing a very flamboyant hat. Banks was commissioned to create images for a lady's hosiery company and we suspect this was one of his studies. Unsigned. This item has been sold.

RB19. A silkscreen on paper. Size: 14.5" x 22". We know that this subject was used for an ad campaign for one of Banks' clients. Condition: edge scuffs and slight darkening to the edges. Unsigned. This item has been sold.

RB20. One of the dancers from Trockadero de Monte Carlo, an all-male, travesty ballet company that still exists today. It may be a portrait of Zammi (sp?), one of the earliest members of the troupe, now deceased. It would date from around 1974. Colored inks, pencil and crayon on paper. Size: 18" x 24". Condition: minor scuffs and edge pin holes. Unsigned. Price: SOLD

RB21. A study of two young male ballet dancers. Banks used as subjects friends from the New York City Ballet. Here we have typical Banks style. Size: 20" x 25". Condition: edge tears and scuffs. The uneven coloration is a plastic sheet over the paper. Unsigned. This item has been sold.

RB22. A study of a young man. Pencil on Paper. Size: 19" x 24". Condition: minor scuffs. Unsigned. This item has been sold.

RB 24. A work on paper by Richard Banks (signed lower right corner Richard Banks). Size: 15" x 19". Pencil on paper. Condition: scuffs and smudging consistent with use and age. Name in pencil written on the top left corner: "Scott Douglas" which I believe is the subject. A young man poses with a scarf around his neck. This item has been sold.

RB 25. A work on paper by Richard Banks (unsigned). Size: 18" x 24". Colored pencil on colored paper. Condition: scuffs and smudging consistent with use and age. Frontal portrait of a young man.This item has been sold.

RB 11. A work on paper by Richard Banks (unsigned). This work we believe is part silk screen and part pen and ink. Size: 18" x 24". Condition: there are several scuffs to the lower right quadrant and a water mark at the right thigh level of the figure in red pants. Again, Banks creates a "Homosexual" (Gay) themed fantasy of attractive men this time playing badmitten in a court obviously not suited for sports (at least not this sport). Dressed in English Empire attire, these clearly erotic figures pose for the viewer with the object of 'turning you on" . . . and they do. This item has been sold.

If you have Erotic Art that you wish to sell, we are always interested in purchasing such items: paintings, bronzes, carvings, prints, etc. Complete discretion assured.

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