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Antique Postcards of Historic Newport, Rhode Island




Newport "The Queen of Resorts" a tourist guide from 1897

In this gallery, we will show original postcards depicting turn of the century Newport, Rhode Island. The examples shown are from our personal collection of over 800 Newport cards. There exist over 5,000 different Newport cards. We will exhibit cards by area : downtown, waterfront, beach, etc. and by type of building: mansion, church, public buildings, etc.. Displayed will be about 10 cards in each classification with a short paragraph about each card. To view an enlargement of the card, just click on the pictures from this page.

Your host: Federico Santi

The Mansions of Newport Rhode Island

Gallery Two

APC 56. "Aspen Hall" Residence of John Aspegren. The card says "Dearest Mother: This is one of the many wonderful houses on Ocean Drive. The flowers were simply wonderful. Love Gillie." Written in 1929. Soon the 'flowers' were to wither! "The Aspergrens, who made their money in edible oils, descended on Newport by Westchester and built "Aspen Hall" on Bellevue Avenue. . . . the Aspergrens . . . did own a pair of cockatoos named Mister Gallagher and Mister Sheehan. These, according to critical Newporters, made them suspect. When the Aspergrens issued invitations for a party, Mrs. William Burden of "Oakwood" and Newport's old guard promptly leaped into the breach and invited everyone to her cottage. But the Aspergrens had arrived primed for Newport; they let out word that they thought of nothing of spending twenty thousand, for something special. Newporters decided that such a price warranted at least consideration and they decided to try the Aspergrens and then "go on," as the saying went, to the Burdens. But the Aspegren party turned out to be surprisingly good. There was champagne flowing freely, tastefully lighted dancing under a marquee and all the Newport trimmings. By midnight the guests were in a quandary. They realized that it was time to move on and yet it was a close decision. Then things begin to happen on the Aspergren lawn. A dozen trucks moved up like a well-trained armored division, a hundred men suddenly began fixing lights and staging, and all at once the Russian Balle, at full New York strength, put on an unforgettable spectacle. Even after it was over, only a handful of guest went on to the Burdens. 'From that moment on,' declares Chicago's margarine man Frazier Jelke, 'the Aspergrens had arrived socially, because they knew how to play the game.'"* From "The Last Resort" by Cleveland Amory.

APC 57. "White Hall" Cottage. Catherine Street. This residence owned by the New York Coogan family experienced a sad fate. The Coogans who owned the polo grounds, home of the New York Giants had a terrible fire at White Hall a few seasons after buying the home. They thought the home was a total loss and did not bother to salvage any of the silver or extensive furnishings that were not damaged. The still standing "White Hall" was broken into over the years and all its valuable items were stolen. Mrs. Coogan remembered how beautiful the home was and refused to have it torn down. Her son finally persuade her to have the home demolished only two years before her death. "White Hall" was designed by Sanford White and he considered it his best Georgian Style home.

APC 58.Hamilton MacKay Tombley Residence located on Ochre Point Avenue.

APC 59. Residence of Commodore James. This is the location of Arthur Curtiss James "Swiss Village" where there were located many farm buildings. The pigs each had their own yard and sty! James fortune came from copper companies.

APC 60. Residence of William Grosvenor. I believe that this home was called "Wyndham."

APC 61. E.D. Morgan, Brenton's Cove. Started out a the summer estate of E.D. Morgan and later of Marion Eppley, a scientist. Then was purchased by Felix de Weldon who sold it to a lawyer in the late 20th century. Now called "Beacon Rock." "In Newport's Golden Age Newporters even went to church in a memorable manner. The box pews of old Trinity were upholstered in the same colors as the liveries of the worshiper, with the Hon. Edwin Morgan's pew taking first honors. In the rear of this, which was known as the Morgan Parlor Car and was sumptuously swathed in crimson damask, were two large armchairs. These were for Mr. and Mrs. Morgan. In front were a trio of tastefully tasestried and well-oiled swivel chairs-- these, of course, for the Morgan children, who, when affected by the tedium of worship, could twist and turn to their hearts' content." From "The Last Resort" by Cleveland Amory.

APC 62. "Clarendon Court" Residence of Mr. E.C. Knight of Philadelphia.

APC 63. "Gray Crag" Mr. J. Mitchell Clark's Residence.

APC 64. T.M. Davis Residence Breton Point.

APC 65."By-The-Sea" Residence of Hon. Perry Belmont, Bellevue Avenue. ". . . Mrs. Belmont had elegant French manners, beautiful jewels and was a pioneer resorter. When she deserted her beautiful country seat a the once fashionable Staten Island and built "Bythesea" at Newport, the event marked the beginning of a new era. All old-time Newporters today still recall stories of the sensation created by Mrs. Belmont's famous demi-daumont. A Paris importation, the carriage was drawn by four horses with no driver but with two hear horses ridden by postilions in short jackets, tight breeches and smart jockey caps." * From "The Last Resort" by Cleveland Amory.

APC 66. John R. Drexel's Residence. Cliff Walk. "As a feudist Mrs. Fish was unequaled and she particularly enjoyed her altercations with other Newport hostesses. Mrs. John Drexel had a male secretary who was her inseparable companion. One day a friend of Mrs. Drexel came up to Mrs. Fish. 'Mamie, have you seen Cousin Alice?' she asked. 'I've looked everywhere in the house,' she added anxiously. 'No,' replied Mrs. Fish. 'Have you looked under the secretary?' " * From "The Last Resort" by Cleveland Amory.

APC 67. Dr. Barton Jacobs Residence. (demolished by Salve University) "Mrs. Henry Barton Jacobs, who regarded even cotillions as undignified, gave dinners of such stateliness that they rivaled those of Mr. Astor herself. Mrs. Jacobs' previous husband, Robert Garrett, former president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, had for many years before his death suffered from the delusion that he was the Prince of Wales. Many thousands of dollars were spent administering to this delusion. Actors were hired on a permanent basis to impersonate Court officials and a London Court expert was imported to insure the correctness of all Court detail. Garrett himself had the uniform of the principal regiments of every country and daily received bogus ambassadors. His court favorite was Harry Lehr; in turn Lehr's favorite impersonator was the Crown Prince of Germany." * From "The Last Resort" by Cleveland Amory.

APC 68. Residence of O.H.P. Belmont. Known today as Belcourt Castle. "Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont could not bear to have his horses under another roof; the ground floor of "Belcourt" was an all stable affair. Here, in stalls designed by Richard Hunt, with a tasteful barracks for a battery of grooms alongside, the Belmont horses had a change of equipment morning, afternoon and evening. For the night they were bedded down of pure white linen sheets with the Belmont crest embroidered on them. Above the stables, in the salon of "Belcourt," Belmont kept two stuffed horses, old favorites of his, which were mounted by stuffed riders in chain armor." * From "The Last Resort" by Cleveland Amory.

The Cliff Walk of Newport Rhode Island

APC 70. When you click on the above image, it will take you to a site of over a dozen images of Newport Famed Cliff Walk. This images shows the beginning of the Cliff Walk as it appeared in the early 20th century. The Road in the background where the utility poles are located was call then Bath Road and it is now a four lane road called Memorial Boulevard.

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