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January 14, 2005


Now that we have gotten that out of the way we can get to the story of the

Life of Francesca Santi Melichar

Francesca was born January 14, 1948, the daughter of Francis and Grace King Santi, then of Donalsonville, Georgia. She was born at the local Donalsonville Hospital and Dr. Jenkins delivered her. She had an older brother: Federico. Along with her family, she lived in a Log Cabin out in the country. Pictured here is Francesca and her father Francis and her older brother Federico. A view of the log cabin is seen on the right. The site today is memorialized as the 7th hole of the Seminole County Country Club. Those were her innocent years. As seen in the photo, Francesca is reading a copy of a 1927 Encyclopedia Britannia. It was at this point that her mother and father realized that there was something very unusual about their young daughter. An early photo of Francesca' maternal Grandmother (Nancy Lane King) and Grandfather( Joseph V. King). Memaw, as Nancy was soon to be called by Francesca and the other grandchildren, was really the person responsible for directly opening the door to a wondrous new world for her grandaughter: a special magical world. Memaws' pale blue eyes hinted of an occult and abnormal world which she would share with her little grandchild. Soon fate would take Francesca and her family away from the farm to the big city with a move to Cleveland, Ohio. Shown here with her brother, Federico. Even at this early age, Francesca had a look of total innocence. Always trusting: but she was learning, learning how to control and manipulate her surroundings. Attending school in Cleveland at St. Ann's Grammar School. She is shown here with the next door neighbors children: Allan and Joel Schackne, the two Cosper boys and her brother in the middle. It was not easy for her being the only girl on the block but she managed to fit in with the rest of the guys and never avoided typical childrens activities and eventually became the Queen of the neighborhood. While in Cleveland, she found herself the only granddaughter of her fraternal family. Pictured here are her grandfather: Federico Santi and grandmother Nelly Santi along with cousins Livio and Marco Pardi.But . . . it goes without saying that she really adored her "big" brother: Federico. Of course there occasionally were trying timeslike the time that he stabbed her in her arm with a fork. Of course it was all in jest and the medication that she was on would make her soon forget such childhood traumas.Observe a family portrait (naturally without Mother Grace who NEVER liked her picture made) taken by Grace. Francesca on the left is pictured wearing a cape, sent to her by Memaw for Christmas one year. This proved to be a extraordinary gift ! Little did Francis and Grace know, but at night, Francesca would open the window to her room and wearing the special cape from Memaw, she would leap from her window and fly throughout the neighborhood. Francesca's bedroom was across the hall from mine and one night I looked out the window to see her fly past a large oak tree in the garden. I ran to her room and waited till she returned. It was then that I made her promise to take me on one of her night adventures: and she did; but our Cleveland days were soon to be shortened.It was about that time that Francesca started taking hypnosis lessons via letters sent from her Grandmother, Memaw and without friends or family even knowing what was happening to them, she began controlling their minds and ultimately their future. I remember people were always commenting on her big brown eyes, but at the time I didn't see the significance in their attraction. Always despondent over the cold weather in Cleveland, she hypnotized father Francis and let him believe that he wanted to move the whole family to Miami Beach, Florida. That event took place in the summer of 1955. Shown in a photo soon after our move to Miami Beach, it goes without saying that she was happy. Dad being in the hotel business and Francesca's manipulation of him directed him into purchasing a small hotel called The Eden. The Eden was build in the 1920's and we lived in the hotel. Fran and I were not really getting along then and through her powers, she directed Mother and Father to put me into Military School. Though I look happy in this picture, I can remember her putting her arm around me and saying: "You know Brother, this is really the best thing for you: you'll either come back a man or won't come back at all." The day Dad drove me off to school Francesca was off to one of her many parties given by wealthy Cuban families on Private Islands close to the hotel. Occasionally while in Military School, she would visit me at night (she brought her cape from Cleveland)and bring me Caviar and half empty bottles of Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne which the next day I would share with my fellow school mates. But soon . . . she forgave me and allowed me to come back and live at the hotel. Pictured here in one of her many, many party dresses (her seamstress is seated behind her). Francesca always insisted on having her dresses hand made and had Mrs. Mlakar moved from Cleveland and kept her busy sewing day and night. But this was all to change: Francesca had been corresponding with a young man by the name of Sirmons back on the farm in Donalsonville. So, with her powers of manipulation, she forced the sale of the family Hotel and we all moved from the "Great White Way" of Miami Beach to rural and dusty South Georgia the summer of 1959. Anyway, she soon tired of the Sirmons boy and high school and college days flew past her life in a whirlwind of activities. Francesca always had the ability to change her appearance. The photo of her was taken when she was about 14. She always looked either much older or much younger than her true age. This image captured when she was in her late 30's shows a completely different side of her. And . . . here again an image taken more than a decade ago on "a day that will live in infamy": But that is another story.It was about this time when Francesca's mother and father visited "The North". It turned out to be an embarrassing situation for the family. Mother (pictured on the far left: no political reference of course) while in Massachusetts kept going on about Damm Yankees and the Civil War and . . . well . . . they (the state government) asked them all to leave. Pictured is Mother and a fellow "foreigner" wearing deportation tags. Dad being born in New York City was immune from the accusations and could have stayed if he wanted, but insisted in going back down South with the offenders.Once back home, Grace and her 'pal' Johnny Maude met regularly and formed an alliance of revenge (yet another tale).It was at this point that Francesca fell in love with Frank ( picture unavailable) and soon two little creatures became the most important part of her life.Pictured are from left to right: Francesca holding baby Stefan and Grandmother Grace holding who was to be known as "The Creature": Josef. Mother Francesca is pictured here with one of her two children: I don't know which child, I mean really at that age, they all look alike, don't they? We have recently learned that Francesca is passing her special talents onto her two children. Each already with an I.Q. of over 185 and we anticipate a interesting future for both of them. Francesca is happily ensconced in Motherhood and seldom talks of her, shall we say unusual past. It is hopeful that with her50years on planet Earth that these pictures and little story will help her remember "How Sweet It Was."

Happy Birthday Little Sister: Love Rico

Dear Fran: 1-12-1948 / 10-10-2021

"The Road goes ever on and on

Down from the door where it began.

Now far ahead the Road has gone,

And She must follow, if she can,

Pursuing it with eager feet,

Until it joins some larger way,

Where many paths and errands meet.

And Whither then? I cannot say."*

"I'll join her soon with hand in hand,

The path leads us to a foreign land.

We'll look back at those yet to join us,

Then turn and face the adventure before us.

As moments of memories wash away our tears,

Happy days fade in a bubble of years.

As we continue on, dreams persist because,

The memories remind us how sweet it was."**

*J.J.R. Tolkien

**Federico Santi

Fran: you will be missed till I drawm my last breath on this lonesome planet. Your Brother~Rico

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