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# 5246. A pair of fine and rare Art Nouveau footed cups. Each size: 13" tall. The base is 4.5" in diameter. The Bowl is 5.5" at its widest with the top opening being 5" across and 3.5" deep. One footed cups is highly gilt. The other is silver plate. The only marks are on the underside "11". Similar styled forms are pictured on pages 100 and 101 in Waltraud Neuwirth's "Bluhender Jugendstil Band 1" and are described as "Goblet (metal) probably J.C. Klinkosch, Vienna." There are several examples from the firm of Klinkosch and all are attributed: none marked. Stated in " Modern Art of Metalwork Brohan Museum" on page 518 under the title J.C.Klinkosch. Price: $5,000.00 for the pair.

# 4986. A German Art Nouveau Display Cabinet. Size: 57" x 23" x 97.5" tall. In two sections: the upper display cabinet opens only from each side; the glass shelves inside are 10" x 41" long; one mirrored shelf on the bottom and two adjustable glass shelves. The glass shelves, mirrors and brackets are contemporary. The side glass and front glass appear to be period to the cabinet. There are modern halogen lights in the upper display area. The lower section has two drawers and a cabinet which reveals three wood shelves. The wood is veneer oak with strong Art Nouveau flower decorations in relief. Condition: there is some veneer loss and some veneer surface lifting on the top of the cabinet on which the glass cabinet sits. The side doors to the glass cabinet are very tight to open: they lock and there are replacement keys to each side. Not a 'finely' made cabinet piece but very effective. Paper drawer liners indicate that this cabinet came from Remscheider, Germany (the liner is actually an advertizing poster with names of about 30 businesses. The poster appears to be from the 1970's) and we suspect that it was used in some fraternal or military museum for display of historical objects. This cabinet would be an excellent display unit for a collection of glass, pottery or militaria. Price: $2,500.00.

# 5141. A French Art Pottery Vase. Etched signature for Gaziello Vallauris. Size: 11.75" or 30cm tall. The metallic glaze varies from top to bottom: copperish on the top to a green on the base. The glaze is a little different on each side. The surface is bumpy with the entire vase having a hand hammered finish. Condition: a rim glaze line from the top down for about 1.5" plus another glaze line on the opposite side of the top, impossible to photograph. Both glaze lines are about the same size; and two under base edge flakes. A very attractive vase. The form is pinched at the top to create a quatrafoil lip with the appearance of fluting almost to the base. Price $1,650.00.

Book Details ISBN: 0764324365 ; Authors: Federico Santi and John Gacher. Size: 8 1/2" x 11" Illustrations: 500 color photos Pages: 240 Availability: Now Available Binding: Hard Cover Book Description The streets of Budapest, Hungary, and Vienna, Austria, are rich in masterpieces of Art Nouveau ironwork. Around nearly every corner of the residential districts and business hubs of these great cities, architectural treasures wait to be appreciated by the discerning eye. 500 vivid photos show the many, varied interpretations of Art Nouveau forms used in balustrades and balconies, lanterns and gates, doorways, elevator door façades, and more. This book will inspire many to make new travel plans and will delight everyone with a passion for beautiful decorative ironwork. Explanations of the settings discuss the details and decorative motifs associated with the various ironwork objects illustrated, and detailed photographs enhance the reader's understanding and appreciation. A bibliography is included. Quotes: Midwest Book Review--California Bookwatch (Nov. 2006) ...An excellent history of an outstanding survey of ironwork art covers--a region given little attention elsewhere.Price $49.95 plus shipping.

Tile # 6. Broad olive green leaves contrast against a green, blue and gold eosin background. 6" square. Turn of the Century. Pictured in Waltraud Neuwirth's book "Blühender Jugendstil" Book 1 on page 14. Unmarked and minor surface wear. Circa 1900-1914. {alnn} Price $2,500.00.

Item # 4313. An electric Arts and Crafts / Art Nouveau / Secession era Chandelier. This is a period fixture, c. 1915. Size: 25" across and 14" tall. Suspended from a single chain. New wiring, old sockets that came with this chandelier. Material: bright gold brass inset with yellow slag glass panels. There is a metal wire under the lip where there was probably a beaded fringe attached; now there is a quilted gold fabric hanging from that wire. Condition: new wiring and there is small loss to one of the panels as shown in one of the photos (does not show from the outside). Price: $2,750.00.

# 4678 is an Period Art Nouveau vase. In the Secession Style, turn of the century. Marks: painted gold numbers: "2282/0" "B80" "268". Size 13.33" (34cm) tall. Condition: gold loss consistent with use and age. Glaze: blue background with some silver crystallizations, running, metallic oxides and volcanic concretions. Country of origin: probably France.Ceramists in France experimenting with similiar glazes were: Dalpayrat, Dammouse, Delaherche, Doat, Lachenal, etc. Price: $850.00.

# 4840. A Three piece Clock Garniture. Soft Paste Pottery. Size of the clock is: 19" tall x 13" wide and 7" deep. Each of the two vases at 13" tall x 9" wide and 6" deep. Condition: multiple edge flakes to the very three dimensional applied flowers and leaves. Mark with a factory incised mark. The clock itself strikes on the hour and half hour and is in operating condition. Made by Edouard Gilles, ceramist, who produced about the same time as early Galle. Circa 1868-1895. The price for the three piece set is: $3,950.00.

# 4983. A set of four rare American Dance cards from Harvard University. First is titled "Senior Spread Class of 1902" - size 3 7/8" x 5 3/4". The 1902 Senior Spread Committee included Remsen Brinckerhoff Ogilby, Richard Elbert Edwards and Frederick Indersoll Emery. Patronesses included (as noted): Mrs. William A. Bancroft, Mrs. L.B.R. Briggs, Mrs. Richard H. Dana, Mrs. Arthur Lithgow Devens, Mrs. Richard C. Divey, Mrs. Charles W. Eliot, Mrs. Woodward Emery, Mrs. F.L.Higginson, Mrs. William J. Ladd, Mrs. William Lawarence, Mrs. Thomas Motley, Mrs. M.H. Richardson, Mrs. Joseph B. Russell, Mrs. Charles S. Sargent, Mrs. N.S. Shaler, Mrs. James J. Storrow, Mrs. Barrett Wendell, Mrs. Harold Williams and Mrs. Alfred Winsor. Of the 22 dances listed in this card, the bearere had filled out all but 4. This was a very busy night for the dancer. The was a card of a gentleman as all the dances partners are ladies. The most interesting and unusual dance listed is the "Portland Fancy." Condition of this card: separated outer card. We have a duplicate of the 1902 card in about the same condition. There is a 1901 "Senior Spread Class of 1901" card in the same condition thought the pencil is missing from this card. There is also on this collection a 1904 card with the Senior Spread Committee as follows: Harold Garfield Dillingham, William Jackson Clothier and Chester Haven Robinson. Condition of this card is intact but the pencil is missing. The cover design reflects thematically art of the era with Japonisme influencing the theme. Price for the four card is: $300.00.


Tile # 12. In the world of tiles this is truly a masterpiece. A reflection in water of foliage and a spider web. Blue and gold eosin glaze. Size: 6 " square. Strongly Japanesque-Aesthetic in feeling. Like a John Lafarge nocturne watercolor {1885 Met NYC} Unmarked; scratch and normal wear. Circa 1890-1914; blacked oak contemporary Secession Style Frame. $1,500.00



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