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## 5363. Name Card Holder: reclining female figure with snake. Form number 6271 dating this item 1901. Size: approximately 16" x 12" x 8" tall. The glaze appears for the most part copper Eosin - the snake is gold Eosin, there are undertones of blue, lavender Eosin throughout the bowl; the ripples in the water are very well defined and highlighted with subtle Eosin glazes. Factory round raised mark and incised form number 6271. Condition: the left side of the form from the right hand of the figure to her shoulder has been repaired; considerable overpainting hides the extent of the restoration. There are no other condition issues with this piece. Detailed images show the extent of the repair. This design was created by Mihály Kapás Nagy 1864-1943. Artist, craftsman, sculptor, from 1888 to 1942. With small interruptions, he was employed by the Zsolnay Factory as an artist-craftsman and sculpture. He was one of the artist teaching at the technical school for ceramics run by the Zsolnay factory. His job was to design and execute sample pieces. He designed many plastically decorated models manufactured in high numbers. An identical form with green glaze is pictured on page 258 - Figure 517 of "Zsolnay Art Pottery - The Gyugyi Collection." P.O.R.

Note the red line showing over painting: from the line to the edge. We don't know how much of this area has actually been repaired: there is considerable overpainting.

Red line shows area of restoration.

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"Zsolnay Ceramics Collecting a Culture" with price guide: "This beautifully illustrated guide to Zsolnay ceramics, featuring over 400 color photographs, covers the three main periods of Zsolnay production, including 1868 to 1897-Folklorism, Historicism & Victorian Eclecticism; 1897 to 1920-Art Nouveau (Secession in Central European terms) and Art Deco (Second Secession); 1920 to the present-Modernism. An entire chapter; fully illustrated is also dedicated to Zsolnay marks to help collectors identity their pieces." This book is 191 pages and is a large format hard cover. The over 400 color photos detail Zsolnay by size, form number, date of production and current market value. Price: $49.95 + shipping.

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