The Days of our Lives through photographs

Federico Santi & John Gacher of Newport Rhode Island

April 19, 2006

The Mink wants to always go on the other side !

The tulips have started coming in along with the daffs.

When Special K is in the garden, the doves stay in the tree waiting for her to go inside.

Caught in the act of sniffing.

The path in the bulb bed.

Focused on the open back door to the basement where Special K is NOT allowed.

" I know I saw a mouse here a minute ago !"

The start of the ferns.

For some reason there is one long orange tulip.

A yellow parrot.

With cool days, the tulips stay closed for most of the day, it is the sun which opens them.

Short purple tulips. John masses the tulips in like colors.

This bed will become a bed for annuals.

The bleeding heart is about 12" tall already. It is early this year, mabye it will be a long hot summer.


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