The Days of our Lives through photographs

Federico Santi & John Gacher

of Newport Rhode Island

April 16, 2006


The Daffs are in full bloom.

We have several varieties this year: John planted last fall.

Special K waits under the bird bath, per chance to greet incoming visitors.

These beds are used first for spring bulbs then annuals. A large (bare) Dawn Redwood is directly behind the birdbath and will eventually hide the adjacent building.

Getting the table ready for 6:00 p.m. Easter Supper: Morton, Brian, Steve & Marilyn, Evelyn and Herber; dinner for 8.

We live across from Trinity Church. Sunday services end today at 11 a.m.

Services are over.

Grandparents take photos of their grandchildren dressed in their "Easter Best" after church in the park in front of our home.

Special K waits to be served.

I guess we are dining together. The other guest won't mind !

The Easter Supper

Steve, John and Marilyn.

Herber, John, Bryan and Morton.

Marilyn, John and Herber.

Crown Pork Roast, Rack of Lamb, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Creamed Spinach, Potatoes baked with aged cheddar cheese in a white sauce; Special Italian Cake from Federal Hill and assorted imported cheeses.

Evelyn blesses the food!

Cocktails before dinner: Herber, Evelyn and John.

Bryan, Evelyn and Morton.


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