The Days of our Lives through photographs

Federico Santi & John Gacher of Newport Rhode Island

March 1, 2005

So . . . we have had more snow! March 1st and it is not over yet.

The view from the bottom of Queen Anne Square looking up toward Trinity Church: our home is at the top of this hill and we look down on Trinity and the Park. March 1, 2005

Queen Anne Square; it snowed about 7" last night. March 1, 2005

Touro Park with the Tower in the background. March 1, 2005.

So . . . the images look so much alike this winter: one snow storm follows another and after all "tomorrow's another day." March 1, 2005.

This was a very heavy snow: hard to shovel and it stuck to the trees. March 1, 2005

Certainly less snow than our 20" of a few weeks ago. Less than three weeks till Spring !

Washington Square looking at Colony House on the left. It is our 18th Century State House which is now open to the public as an Historic Museum. March 1, 2005.


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