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#238 Description Offering a fine and rare Zsolnay vase. Fully illuminated on page 48 and 49 of "Zsolnay Ceramics: Collecting a Culture". As described: "Vase with Renaissance style decoration of a wedding celebration; decor includes much gilding. Decoration att to Armin Klein." 16" tall. Condition: considerable glaze crackelature inluding long and short glaze lines typical with this type of firing. These lines are apparant in the inside and the outside of this vase. This in no way affects the structural integrity of this vase and is consistent with any of the production of "high-fired porcelain faience" produced at the Zsolnay Factory at this time. Price: $4,500.00.

The Foot of the vase showing a Persian Design.

The top of the vase.

Landscape area of the vase showing a flagon with a castle in the background.

Detail of the Jester playing a flute.

The young lad playing a drum.

Showing the Prince

View showing the Princess

Detail showing the Flagon with much gilt decoration

The front of the tunic of the Prince showing raised enamel decorations

The factory mark (upside down)

The Castle View

View showing the musicians and the tent.

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