The Days of our Lives through photographs

Federico Santi & John Gacher of Newport Rhode Island

December 30, 2004

View of the garden pavillon from the kitchen at night with the lights on. December 30, 2004

The Music Room: one of the walls; the figure on the left is Caproni from Boston and on the right the bronze statue is French, late 19th century. December 30, 2004

The Music Room Bar: Macassar Ebony, made in France in the 1930's. December 30, 2004

The Street View in the Music Room. December 30, 2004

The Duck are c. 1905 and were made for the Turin Exhibition: The Hungarian Pavillion "The Duck Fountain" designed at the Zsolnay Factory by Geze Marotti. They are a little larger than life size. December 30, 2004

Angel: visions of sugar plums (or at least mice) dancing through her head. December 30, 2004

My Half of Thelma's Fruit Cake. One slice a day. December 30, 2004


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