The Days of our Lives through photographs

Federico Santi & John Gacher of Newport Rhode Island

January 12, 2005

It snowed again last night starting about 11 p.m. total about 2 inches. January 12, 2005

Taking Morton (and us) to Job Lot to look for good junk! Morton uses his hands alot when he talks and he is always talking. January 12, 2005.

Angel has gained a pound or two and does something else besides sleeps: she jumps alot, chases us around and likes to hunt for non-existent mice. January 12, 2005.

We stopped off at our framer - Picture Perfect Framing on Broadway in Newport - to have a watercolor framed. The Artist (Morton) always has an opinion about any art. John Ring (the owner) looks on in amusement till a decision is made. January 12, 2005.

The process continues. January 12, 2005.

. . . AND CONTINUES . . . January 12, 2005.

Dinner: Chicken served with creamed ginger and green grapes over Spatzel. January 12, 2005.

Desert: the Tomato Soup Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. Not bad, but not incredible. January 12, 2005.

Angel sits among the xmas decorations on the red console pretending that she is an ornament (maybe she is). January 12, 2005.

Later that evening, I am at Newport City Council. January 12, 2005.


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